PATRICK FARRELL / Miami Herald Staff

Unimaginable devastation. Indescribable grief.

The screams of the injured. The moans of those clinging to life beneath the wreckage. And the silence.

The agonizing silence of relatives who still havenít been heard from, who may never be heard from.

But also emerging from the ruins of Haitiís capital: the miraculous survivor tales; the heroic actions by people who have lost everything but still are out in the streets of Port-au-Prince trying to save loved ones, trying to save strangers.

And despite all of the horror, there is the stubborn hope of a people who somehow manage to persevere.

There are innumerable tales emerging from a shattered Haiti, many of them with a strong resonance in South Florida. In this special section youíll find some of the names and faces behind Haitiís catastrophe.


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