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The Miami Herald has launched a permanent database of the list of names of all Cuban refugees who entered the U.S. through the Freedom Flights.

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If you arrived in the United States on the Freedom Flights, send us your photos and memories.

The Cuban Revolution

In this 10-part series, The Miami Herald examines some of those crucial moments in a movement led by Fidel Castro that came to be known as the Cuban revolution and affected millions of people on both sides of the Florida Straits.

  • JUNE 7th, 1967

    Ana De Los Reyes

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your great efforts in compiling the Freedom Flights date base information. It was with great emotion that I looked up my father's arrival to freedom information.

  • JULY 24 1968

    Miriam Rodriguez

    We arrive on July 24 1968, I remember as soon we were in the plane we heard a welcome from Pres. Johnson, as we arrive in Miami there were a priest & minister to welcome as I will never will forget that day.

  • NOVEMBER 27, 1967

    Ana María Florin

    It was November 27, 1967 when my mother ( now 83 years old), my father (now deceased) and I came to the United states via the Freedom Flight. We planned to come earlier, but the Bay of Pigs invasion delayed our plans since all flights were put on halt.

  • SEPTEMBER 12, 1966

    Millie Fresen

    My brother, Carlos Costales, left Cuba on April 1961 with a waiver visa through the Catholic Church. He was a Pedro Pan boy.

  • DECEMBER 11, 1972

    Maria Pacheco

    I remember that when my plane landed in Miami on Dec. 11, 1972, there were television cameras at the airport because our flight was the first one after they had been suspended them for awhile. I got off the plane with my then husband and my daughter, Grettel, who was carrying her doll so that attracted the photographers.

  • FEBRUARY 26, 1968

    Maria Antonia Berdeal

    We arrived at the Freedom Towers at night. We were not able to contact the family that claimed us (Dr. Ramon Mas Martin and his wife Alba) until late in the night. They were coming from Daytona Beach to pick us up and did not arrive until early morning on February 27th.

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  • JANUARY 26, 1967

    Estrella A. Espinosa

    We had remained in Cuba due to the Missile Crisis. My 11 year old brother and I, 8 years old, were kept ou...

  • NOVEMBER 23, 1967

    Armando J. Suarez

    Llegue de Cuba en Noviembre 23, 1967, despues de 8 meses de separacion de mi senora e hijo que habian llega...

  • APRIL 7, 1967

    Mercedes Vildosola

    Our family started the journey from our hometown of Victoria de las Tunas, Oriente on April 7, 1967. My mo...

  • JANUARY 13, 1967

    Hilda Fernandez Bertram

    At 4 years old I was acutely aware of the fear and danger that we lived in while under the Castro regime. ...

  • MAY 3, 1967

    Mayra Fuentes

    We arrived at Miami International Airport on Wednesday, May 3, 1967 on the second flight of the day: Mayra...

  • DECEMBER 15, 1966

    Olga Martinez

    We arrived at Miami International Airport on 12-15-1966 and were whisked away in a bus to a shelter located...

  • JULY 20, 1970

    Sandra M. Castillo-Donate

    I would like to say that I was born knowing that we would be leave Cuba. Household conversations, particula...

  • AUGUST 20, 1970

    Margot Martinez

    I came on August 20th 1970, with my husband Pedro Martinez Perez, nick name EL Chaparro, and my daughter Vi...

  • JUNE 3, 1966

    Mary Veber

    I still have the tag from Pan Am (the ones used on the outside of the luggage) its says June 3rd, 1966 Duan...

  • JULY 16, 1969

    Marilyn Garrido Watts

    My story begins with the mandatory separation of our family when my parents filed the papers to leave. It ...


    Ernestina Pedraza

    The boys had not seen her for 5 years and I had not seen her for 2 years. They lets us stay with her while ...

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