• 02032012

    The Florida Roundup on WLRN, February 3, 2012

    On today's show: Mitt Romney takes Florida after spending $15 million on mostly-negative campaign ads. If this is how it is now, what's in store this fall? Term limits and full-time salaries for county commissioners get a thumbs down from Miami-Dade voters. Occupiers get kicked out of their downtown Miami encampment. What legacy did they leave behind, and will the movement last? Redistricting results in South Florida congressmen playing "musical districts" -- is it all for the purpose of keeping Allen West in DC? And hopes of expanded resort casino gambling passing in Tallahassee this session are dead. Plus, what's the impact on the Everglades ecosystem by the proliferation of pythons and the disappearance of small mammals? Phil Latzman discusses the week that was around our region and state with NPR's Greg Allen, the Miami Herald's Marc Caputo, and Kelley Mitchell of WLRN-Miami Herald News. Listen now.audio Listen now

  • 09302011

    The Florida Roundup on WLRN, September 30, 2011

    This week on the Florida Roundup: What did Vice President Joe Biden say on WLRN that has the political world buzzing? Gov. Rick Scott and the case of the missing e-mails. Did he break the law and what can be done about it? Florida moves up its presidential primaries. Should the state be allowed to cut in line? Two of the Florida's most flamboyant political figures died this week. What legacies are left by former Republican Governor Claude Kirk and ex-Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro? Host Phil Latzman discusses this week in news with Patricia Mazzei and Matt Haggman of the Miami Herald and Steve Bousquet of the St. Petersburg Times.audio Listen now

  • 07292011

    The Florida Roundup on WLRN, July 29, 2011

    Listen here to today's show: What could federal government default mean for Floridians? When it comes to the debt ceiling, as some people question whether Rick Scott is living in the real world, he says he'll take time out to read all about it. The saga of West v. Wasserman-Schultz continues in Congress. As Miami-Dade's new mayor takes office, he says, "Reducing the size of government doesn't come cheap." And why the widening gap in wealth between whites and minorities is more dramatic here in South Florida. Phil Latzman discusses the week in news with Dan Ricker of the Watchdog Report, the Miami Herald's Tallahassee bureau chief Mary Ellen Klas, and the Palm Beach Post's John Lantigua.audio Listen now

  • 02052010

    The Florida Roundup on WLRN, February 5, 2010

    The Miami Herald's Jacqueline Charles was one of the first reporters into Port-au-Prince after the earthquake in Haiti last month. She spent most of the last month there, documenting the situation. On this week's show, she joined host Phil Latzman, along with her Herald colleague Doug Hanks and the Palm Beach Post's Tony Doris, to discuss the week in news.audio Listen now

  • 01292010

    The Florida Roundup on WLRN, January 29, 2010

    Host Phil Latzman examines the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and its implications here in South Florida, as well as other news of the week, with the Miami Herald's Nancy San Martin, who has been coordinating the paper's Haiti coverage; ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman, who has recently returned from Haiti; and WQBA (Univision) radio host, Bernadette Pardo. Also, a photojournalist discusses the emotional challenges of shooting in Haiti.audio Listen now

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