Every picture tells more than one story

11/10/2011 2:33 PM

11/10/2011 2:48 PM

The quince celebration is truly a unique Miami tradition. Artist, Antonia Wright is Cuban, but never had a Quinceanera, which takes place as a girl turns into a “woman,” supposedly at the age of 15. Wright, who works with video, photography and performance, discovered that Miami has one of the largest quince photo-studio businesses in the world. Which, in turn, lead her to discover that those over-the-top, Baroque photographs of girls in their 15th year are really the essence of the quince.

She paid a visit to some of these studios and came up with “Where All Your Dreams Come True.” In the Art@Work gallery in Westchester (a very appropriate setting), stunningly beautiful photographs of Wright dressed up in princess-like garb, posing in some superimposed garden, hang on the walls. Even with the knowledge of their extreme artificiality, it is striking how well-done these photos are, a testament to the success of the business. And that is the essence of this show.

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