Visual Arts

Visual Arts

It’s hard to love a mall. Brickell City Centre may be the exception.

It’s hard to love a mall. Any mall. They are simply too big and sprawling. Most are cut off from their city, from the street, from reality, causing an unnerving, out-of-body sense of dislocation that author Joan Didion once described as an “aqueous suspension not only of light but of judgment, not only of judgment but of personality” (The White Album, 1979).

Visual Arts

Finally, an answer to the eternal question, ‘why is this art?’

If you find yourself asking why urinals and Brillo boxes are “art,” head to the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale for “Some Aesthetic Decisions: A Centennial Celebration of Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain,’” on display through Sept. 3. Better yet, catch museum director Bonnie Clearwater’s talk on the subject at 5 p.m. May 13, 1 E. Las Olas Blvd.;

Visual Arts

Before the digital age, this artist grasped the power of repetition. His work still feels fresh

Post-World War II German art has a special voice in the 21st-century world. A country that inflicted incredible destruction, and also experienced the consequences of it; that built itself out of a dark hole — not without scars — to become a prosperous, powerful and liberal nation seems more fitting than most to address the conflicted issues of our day. Among those are the consequences of the digital age. We love technological advances and the comfort of contemporary living, but we are also frightened by what we are doing to our environments, and our souls.


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Art helps save children

Elisa ‘Shalak Attack’ Monreal paints an uplifting mural of the escape of a child on a giant owl.
Video by Marcus Lim / For the Miami Herald
Art helps save children 0:13

Art helps save children

Miami collective art expression take the streets 2:10

Miami collective art expression take the streets

A Walk on Water 1:15

A Walk on Water

International artist merges art with voices of people 1:16

International artist merges art with voices of people