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December 19, 2013

Beer of the week: The Bruery Saison Rue

Beer: The Bruery Saison Rue

Beer: The Bruery Saison Rue

Style: Saison

Alcohol: 8.5 percent by volume

Price: About $13 for a 750-ml bottle at Whole Foods Market

Story: Saison, the French word for season, is a rustic beer style developed in Belgium’s French-speaking countryside. Originally low-alcohol brews consumed by farm workers, saisons today can have complex flavors and higher alcohol levels. Saison Rue, from California’s The Bruery, is brewed with Brettanomyces yeast, giving it a funky, barnyardy character.

Pairing: Malted rye and the lemon and pepper notes of the specialty yeast sing with a bone-in rib-eye steak at Lorenzo in Miami Beach, which comes with loads of cracked black pepper and lemon-dressed herbs.

Evan S. Benn

Beer of the Week spotlights locally available craft beer.

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