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Glenn Garvin, the Miami Herald's TV critic, covered Latin America for 19 years -- the last five of them as The Herald's bureau chief in Managua. A 1975 graduate of Stanford University, Garvin is the author of Everybody Had His Own Gringo: The CIA and the Contras and (with Ana Rodriguez) Diary of a Survivor: Nineteen Years in a Cuban Women's Prison. Click here to e-mail him. Don't miss his television blog, Changing Channels .

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Glenn Garvin: A true tale of (choco) pie in the sky

 <span class="cutline_leadin">CHOCOLATE ATTACK: </span>North Korean defectors and South Korean activists release balloons carrying chocolate pies and cookies during a rally against the North.

They call economics the dismal science. Actually, during my years as a foreign correspondent, I found it pretty lively, especially in countries with left-wing governments attempting to rewrite the laws of supply and demand.