March 13, 2014

Beer of the week: Black’s Dawn has a kick of coffee

Beer: Black’s Dawn

Beer: Black’s Dawn

Style: Imperial stout with coffee

Alcohol: 8.5 percent by volume

Price: About $6.50 for a 16-ounce bottle at Crown Wine and Spirits

Story: Bottles from Southern California’s small Cismontane Brewing Co. are now available in South Florida through year-old distributor Crafty Connoisseurs. Black’s Dawn, named for a favorite SoCal surfing beach, is a rich stout brewed with fair-trade coffee, brown sugar and oats. The coffee brings a big aroma and flavor, the sugar softens any bitterness, and the oats round out the body. A great dessert brew.

Pairing: Forget milk and cookies. Beer and cookies is the way to go. Pour Black’s Dawn in a snifter and savor it with a GOAT (Greatest of All Time) chocolate chip cookie from Sweetness Bakeshop in Kendall and Hialeah.

Beer of the Week spotlights locally available craft beer.

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