January 30, 2014

Justin Bieber driving with marijuana, Xanax in system, police say

Police say Justin Bieber had Xanex and marijuana in his system when he was pulled over in Miami Beach

Toxicology reports have shown that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was driving with Xanax and marijuana in his system when he was pulled over last week by Miami Beach police, Sgt. Bobby Hernandez confirmed Thursday.

Bieber has pleaded not guilty to charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4. The 19-year old celebrity and a pal were pulled over before dawn on Jan. 23 when a Miami Beach police officer suspected the pair of drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini and red Ferrari down a residential stretch of Pine Tree Drive.

According to a DUI test report:

The officer who took Bieber to the police station told the pop star he “reeked” of marijuana.

“Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio,” Bieber reportedly answered.

At the station, police asked Bieber if he took any medications. Bieber responded that he did, but couldn’t name the prescription drug.

“Well, my mom takes care of all that stuff for me,” the teen said.

Bieber at first had “extreme difficulty” providing a breath sample and “continuously forgot basic instructions.” The singer “advised that he was blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet,” the report notes.

On a police form, officers marked that Bieber was excited, talkative, using profanity, cooperative, insulting and cocky. His face was flushed, and his eyes were bloodshot with dilated pupils, according to a DUI test report. His speech was mumbled.

While Bieber was not drunk, according to breath tests, he was charged with driving under the influence. Hernandez, the Miami Beach sergeant, said alcohol isn’t the only thing that can impair driving.

“Any medication whether it’s through prescription or illegal, or over-the-counter-medication that impairs your judgment, can lead to a DUI arrest if you’re pulled over by a police office who sees your driving pattern,” Hernandez said.

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