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Some of the neighborhood sections are produced in partnership with local community publishers such as River Cities Gazette (Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, Medley). If you are interested in learning more about the network or becoming a partner, click here.

If you've lived in South Florida long enough, you know how hard it was to define these "neighborhoods". We live in one place, work or attend school in another. "Community" doesn't necessarily mean a geographic area, but can mean a community of like-minded people or those who share ethnicity or nationality. If the boundaries are too small, there won't be enough news and advertising; if they are too large, it doesn't feel like your neighborhood.

You might disagree with our boundaries. Or you might like to share your thoughts about community in South Florida or your memories of a particular neighborhood.

Click here to comment. We might change the borders or the names of these neighborhoods, based on your feedback.

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