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By Raisa B Godin Rodriguez
Jul 21st 2014
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I came from La Vibora, reparto El Sevillano, on July 22, 1962. 'La pecera' was one of the unforgettable moments in my life as was watching my mom hug in tears the father of 2 young sisters (ages 8 and 7) who also came on the plane with us. I positioned my body so my sister (age 11 then) and the younger girls could not see that image, but it has forever been embedded in my mind as the ultimate sacrifice parents make for what they hope will be the well being of their children.

We lived in the Florida ... (read the rest of this story)

By Rene Luis Lopez-Guerrero Meruelo
Jul 9th 2014
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I arrived in a Pan American flight by myself on February 8, 1961. I was told by my parents that I was supposed to speak to nobody, but that, only if asked, I would respond by saying that I was traveling to go to school outside of Cuba. Shortly before the plane took off, the stewardess approached me very politely and told me, with a very beautiful and reassuring smile, that she knew who I was and that she would watch over me until I reached my destination. I don't remember the exact words but I do remember that she ... (read the rest of this story)

By Jose D Pimienta
Jul 6th 2014
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I lived in Santa Clara with my Mami y Papi.

Papi had been a farmer until the age of 20. He and his younger brother got tired of working their butts off and not making any money. They started selling yardage on horseback to the farmers in their small farms. They opened small stores in small towns like Manicaragua. Later my father opened a store in Santa Clara.

They made good money and our family made good progress financially.

I went to the Maristas School Sta. Clara, from 1st to 6th grade. Had great experiences there ... (read the rest of this story)

By Antonio Miyar Rodriguez
Jun 24th 2014
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I was born November 3, 1961 and arrived November 20th, 1961. I was only 17 days old. Wonder if I am the youngest of all?

By Maria Del Carmen Ferrer-Miralles
Jun 16th 2014
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On March 21, 1962, my sister Magaly (age 6) and I (age 8) arrived at Miami's airport expecting to be reunited with our aunt and two older brothers who had come in July 1961,as our parents had told us. But our aunt never picked us up and eventually we were taken to Florida City where we stayed a week. Our aunt had a difficult time making it as a guardian of the boys and decided that the best for us was to be picked up by Pedro Pan. On March 29, 1962, my sister and I were ... (read the rest of this story)

By Antonio (Tony) R. Rivera Martinez
Jun 11th 2014

Spend time in Florida City, Opa Locka and St. Rafael, after my parents came from Cuba back in June 1966 we move to New Orleans, LA. Graduated from John F. Kennedy High School. After attending Delgado Community College and received an Associated Degree in Automotive Technology, I was drafted and joint the U S Marine Corps, after six years in the Corps, I joint the U S Coast Guard Reserve where I retire. I was a business owner of Penny's Auto Chassis Inc. I currently own C.N.R. LLC. in Kenner, La. I am semi retired, enjoying life, in my ... (read the rest of this story)

By Abelardo C Roque Escobar Pardo
Jun 4th 2014
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Well… I never really heard of “Pedro Pan” until years after I was in California and someone mentioned it to me. This is how really disconnected I was and have been.

This all started one morning after about 4 hours at the Havana airport, going through lines, being questioned and made to wait some more, I finally waved goodbye to my dad on the other side of the large glass wall and went to get in the plane. I arrived at Miami International Airport on July 18, 1962 at about 12:00 noon or so. I was on a KLM flight ... (read the rest of this story)

By Pablo Alcazar Meruelo
Jun 1st 2014
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Within year of arrival was joined by my parents and sistema Myriam and in Dec 1962, relocated to Hartford, CT.

Studied HS in West Hartford and attended Villanova University (MSEE) and The Thunderbird School of International Business (MBA).

After a brief stint as a design engineer, spent most of professional career in telecom industry and over the past several years as CFO / COO for a cigar manufacturer and reseller.

Relocated to Miami area in 1987. Married to Marlene and have a son Paul.

By Carlos W J Bermudez Zayas
May 27th 2014
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Carlos W. Bermudez

Emperador de Antilla, Virrey de la Bahía de Nipe y Conde de Alburquerque,

By Alfredo F Fernandez Fernandez
May 11th 2014
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Me mandaron pa' un orfelinato en Davenport Ia. (St. Vincent's). Estuve 3 años con las monjitas; los viejos GAD llegaron a NJ y alli estuve hasta que me gradue de MD en Filadelfia en el '75.

Llevo casi 40 años arreglando huesos rotos en "San Pancho". (La unica ciudad casi tan linda como nuestra Habana)

Naci en ella, fui a Belen, jugue pelota, al kimbe y cuarta, patine en El Vedado y monte a caballo en Guanabo.

Estoy muy orgulloso de ser Cubano, Yankee y Pedro Pan.