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By Omar H Diaz Rodriguez
Sat 10am

Buenos dias a todos mis amigos que pasaron por los momentos mas difiles ya que no teniamos a nuestros padres a nuestro lado . Yo estuve un tiempo con mi hermana MERCEDES DIAZen casa de nuestro tio ,pero la situacion no estava muy buena economica mente pues ellos tenian 2 hijos en ese entonces ,por eso desidi volver para opa locka ahy la pase muy bien , mi hermana fue para florida city ,hasta que ae fue para Boston Mass y nuestros padres llegaron a tierra de libertad 3 anos despues y nos fuimos todos para Boston. En ... (read the rest of this story)

By Manuel G Villaverde Rodriguez
Wed 9pm
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Mi hermano Fernando, mi hermano Luis, y Yo llegamos al campamento de Florida City el 6 de Abril de 1962 y estuvimos con la familia Trespalacios.

En Julio 1962 Fernando, Luis, Yo, y mi hermano mayor Gilberto (que estaba en el campamento Kendall) fuimos mandados a San Antonio, Texas donde todos vivimos con una familia Cubana (no lo pasamos muy bien) por 3.5 anos.

El 10/31/65 nos volvimos a reunir con nuestros padres (que al fin pudieron salir de Cuba por Mexico) y vivimos con ellos en Union City, luego en West New York, y North Bergen, New Jersey. Vivimos ... (read the rest of this story)

By Jose Miguel Infante Nunez
Aug 18th 2014

I arrived at MIA on March 26th, 1961 with my older brother Rene who was 15 years old and I was 11 years old. We were met with a gentleman from the Catholic Welfare who drove us to Kendall Camp which seemed like a long drive then (SW 80 Street and 107th Avenue).

We were shown our bunk beds and stayed at Kendall camp for approximately two and half months. I will add more of my stay at this camp when time permits in the near future.

About a month after the Bay of Pigs disaster, my brother and ... (read the rest of this story)

By Maria De los Angeles Monfort Menendez
Aug 13th 2014
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I came to the United States alone carrying my favorite doll, Albertico. I had just turned seven and really did not fully understand that I was leaving the world I knew for good. I thought I was going to visit my cousins in Miami for "a while"...

I remember my parents Angel and Maria taking a picture of me with my doll on the steps of our house in Havana before leaving for the airport. The neighbors came out to give me a hug, The Alvarez family that lived next door.

At the airport it was very ... (read the rest of this story)

By Gema C. Hernandez
Aug 3rd 2014
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I am the first Hispanic female to serve in the capacity of Secretary in the State of Florida 1999 to 2001. This is not the first, nor the only time I have been the first female, and definitely the first Hispanic female, to accomplish certain goals or to break the gender and ethnic barriers.

I came from Cuba in 1961 as part of what we know now as Operation Peter Pan. I was one of 14,000 children whose parents were left behind in Cuba. In my case, I was reunited with my parents six years later in 1967 when ... (read the rest of this story)

By Alejandro A Artime Sabido
Aug 2nd 2014

Arrived with my brother Luis E. Artime and cousin Jose Ramon Azaret on a Sunday. We were sent to the barracks at Camp Matacumbe along with all others. After a couple of hectic days; I remember most vivid, at night, of having to fight for a mattress so that me and my little brother could sleep. Luckily my time there is just a blur; as we were quickly claimed by my Aunt Lidia and Uncle "Pupu" who had the vision of leaving Cuba and joining their daughter Teresita Lopez Sabido already here in Miami as a student in a private ... (read the rest of this story)

By Ricardo Gonzalez Arias
Jul 27th 2014
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Lived in Guanabo where I spent a lot of time rebel rausing with my horse and at the beach with my friends. Both of my parents did jail time thanks to Fidel. My dad in Isla de Pinos and my mom in Guanajay. Went to "Newton" school till I left for Miami on March 12, 1962. I didn't see my parents again until August of 1978. I was in a foster home in Morristown New Jersey for a couple of years and went to live with my uncle, aunt and cousins in Miami later. We all got "relocated" to Portland ... (read the rest of this story)