Adding or Correcting your Pedro Pan Record

Use this page if:

You can't find your Pedro Pan record.

Your date of birth does not work when you try to register your account.

Do not use this page if:

You've already registered your account and want to change your information.

We apologize that you've had trouble finding yourself in our Pedro Pan database. If you'd like to request that your name be added to the list or your date of birth be corrected, please fill out this form.

Please be sure to enter this information as it was when you arrived on your Pedro Pan flight. If you've married or changed your name, please use the name you had when you arrived. You'll have an opportunity to add new information during the registration process.

Pedro Pan Arrival Information

E-mail address
Last name
Last name #2 (mother's miaden name)
First name
Date of birth
Pedro Pan arrival date
Address upon arrival
Who did you stay with?