Recaredo Mora Pla

General Information
Current Name
Rick Mora
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Recaredo Mora Pla
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, April 23, 1962
Relocated To
Hialeah, FL
Stayed With
For 1 year with distant cousins until they kicked us out then we stayed with our aunt and uncle.

Recaredo's Story

The evening before our departure our family met at our grandparent's house, it was here that my older brother and I were told that we would be traveling alone to the beaches of Florida. I remember l...

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Hi Recaredo... My name is Osvaldo (Ozzie) Mora and became a Peter Pan on 10/13/61. Check out my profile... I was just wondering if we were related. The Mora side of my family was from the province of Matanzas. Who knows, you and I could be late cousins. Later...

Message by Ozzie Mora | Jun 13th 2009

Keep it coming! This is great!

Message by Amy | May 19th 2009

Very cool, please let us know when you update it again.

Message by Allen | May 19th 2009

wow...i did not know you were a peter pan kid. This is awesome. Looking forward to more.

Message by Aerlim | May 19th 2009

I think this is great Bro., yes you should continue to write more

Message by Candy | May 19th 2009

I want to know more!

Message by Mike | May 18th 2009

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