Armando H Alvarez Silveira

General Information
Current Name
Armando H Alvarez Silveira
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Armando H Alvarez Silveira
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, January 24, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Mr&Mrs Williams

Armando H's Story

I'am from Camaguey,I arrived in Miami on January 24,1962.Iwas sent to CWB Florida City until the March 1962 and I was sent to St Vincent's Home in Saginaw Michigan.The only name I remenber is of a b...

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Hi armando, i'am mercedes herrero, I was your neighbor in camaguey, cuba, i lived in san rafael 520, next to ventura, i know you came here when you were a kid of about 8 years, it has been a long time, but i want you to know that i was a very good friend of your mother ana luisa, i would like to conact you and talk. bye.

Message by mercedes herrero | Jun 25th 2013

I think I better get my story straight before posting. I did go to the Senior Prom at Miami High with Miguel Pelayo--we were both seniors. We had a class together.

Message by Teresa C. P. Poldo Boleda | May 24th 2012

Oh, wow! I just read your story about remembering Miguel Pelayo and I remember him too. Yeah, I ran into him in high school in Miami and he invited to the prom (his senior prom while I was still a junior). I think I remember the name Rosendo Pena as well. Wish I could read/write more about that time long ago, but I have to go back to work. I will connect at a later time. Do you remember the Villa?

Message by Teresa C. P. Poldo Boleda | May 23rd 2012

Armando - We found Jose "El Gallego'. He's living in the Tampa area and recently joined our Pedro Pan network. Go to my profile to get his info. Hope to see you in November for the Pedro Pan 50th reunion.

Message by Angel Braulio Canete | Sep 9th 2010

Hi Armando, this is Jose Fernandez Barbas “El Gallego”. I just found this web site and registered, what a great opportunity to allow us to relive some of our memories. I was reading Angel’s and Raul’s correspondence and noticed that you had asked both of them about me. I would love to talk to you, please write back and lets try to talk on the phone. If you bring me up you will find some pictures I have posted, I will try to find more pictures to post. Hope to hear from you soon.

Message by Jose Fernandez Barbas | Sep 7th 2010

Armando, Are you planning on going to the 50th Reunion? I'm trying to get all of the St Vincent's kids together again.

Message by Angel Braulio Canete | Aug 27th 2010

Hi Armando. I was also with Raul Ruiz in the first group of Cuban kids that arrived at St Vincent's. Let's stay in touch.

Message by Angel Braulio Canete | Jun 6th 2009

Hey Armando; You are right! El Vaquero was Rosendo Pena he and Jose Verde use to hang out together. We called him El Vaquero because he always wore a cowboy hat. Verde, may he rest in peace, was nicknamed El Bombero, for reasons I won't describe here. Did you ever spent time in the Summer Home on River Road? It was a great place!

Message by Raul C Ruiz Cepero | May 30th 2009


Message by MERCY CAÑETE VELAR | May 29th 2009

Hello Armando I also spent a few years in Saginaw, from February 1962 to sometime in 1965. How long where you there? Do you remember Father Rginald or Sister Dorothy? I don't recall Miguel Pelayo.Where you part of the second or third group?

Message by Raul C Ruiz Cepero | May 28th 2009

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