Raul C Ruiz Cepero

General Information
Current Name
Raul C Ruiz Cepero
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Raul C Ruiz Cepero
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, January 21, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Mr. & Mrs Arias, in Florida City

Raul C's Story

Well let's see...my story is much the same as anyone else that had the same experience.

We arrived in Miami courtesy of Pan Am and the good folks that made it all possible at the Archdioces of Miami...

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Hey Raul, don't worry if you cannot make it down. What's important is that we are all well and started to reconnect to share those memories.

Message by Angel Braulio Canete | Oct 19th 2010

Raul C has updated their profile.

Status update | Oct 19th 2010

Hola Raul, soy Jose Cabarrocas, acabo de descubrir esta pagina, me resultan fascinantes tus fotos y comentarios. Vivo en Miami y estoy contento de saber de ti, mi telefono en casa es 321-220-5767, llamame si puedes una noche, me gustaria mucho hablar contigo, regards Raul. Jose

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Oct 10th 2010

Hey Raul - Jose 'El Gallego' recently join our database! How are you doing? Have not heard from you recently.

Message by Angel Braulio Canete | Sep 9th 2010

Raul C has updated their profile.

Status update | Sep 7th 2010

Raul, this is Jose Fernandez Barbas “El Gallego”. I came across this web site late last night and what a rush of memories. I’m have now registered and posted a picture of you from 1963 under my profile. I have to look for some more photos. I know that I have some more somewhere. We spoke one time over the phone when you were living in the Keys. I see from your profile that you have moved, I hope that I can make contact with you, Angel, and some of the other boys. I think that it is time to share some of our experiences and to not forget our past. I will be posting my profile soon.

Message by Jose C Fernandez Barbas | Sep 6th 2010

Raúl: Muy interesante tu historia. Yo fui uno de los que fuimos a Nebraska en Marzo del 62 y fué una "beca" muy buena. Si hubieras escogido a Nebraska nos hubiéramos conocido. Muy bueno eso de "the ten who blazed the path into the cold country." I guess it makes you guys a special group. I have met Angel Cañete and he is a very nice guy. I have a website dedicated to finding Pedro Pans all over the word and I have been cataloguing them in alphabetical order and I have over a dozen Jose Fernández, can you identify "El gallego" a little better? The website is in www.CampMatecumbeVeterans.com Hope you enjoy it!

Message by Manuel Gutiérrez | Apr 25th 2010

I hope your live after the home has become what you hoped for.I just happened to come across this webb site, when looking for the history of Saint Vincent's home. I found that there is no longer a orphanage out in Shield's Michigan. Remember, it was the summer home. They tore down the home in Saginaw, but rebuilt a new orphanage out in Shields for summer and winter usage and it to is no longer a orphanage. I now live in Pinconning, Michigan and have been married for 35 yrs. 2 grownup kids.I still remember a tall lengthy kid in you. It seems everyone moved to Florida, must not like winter. Me and the wife was in Ocala, FLA. visiting her sister in 2009, however don't plan going back soon, because of cost. My brother Jeff lives in Charleston, South Carolina and the last time I talked to him, he was scuba diving in Florida. My sister Barb lives in Traverse City area and is married to. If it wasn't for recogniseing your name I would have never remembered you. Like Angel and his sisters name, yours is hard to forget. Remember, we had a lot of hard times in our yought, at the same time, we had many good times. The home provided us with many lasting friendships and memories. Takecare. Mike Pitts Sr.

Message by Mike Pitts Sr. | Apr 25th 2010

Raul, Time to get going on getting everybody together for our reunion. The Pedro Pan 50th Reunion will be in Miami on November 13, 2010. I would like to reserve a table for all of us St Vincent's Kids. I recently got in touch with the Pitt's brothers and maybe we can get them down to Miami also.

Message by Angel Braulio Canete | Apr 8th 2010

hey its your first girlfriend,Sue Yorke from flint, mich. Ran across old pix of us going to St. Matts x-mas dance. Many fond memories of you and those times. Would love to catch up. Write me

Message by sue yorke roach | Dec 6th 2009

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