Ofelia M Colunga Machado

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Ofelia M Colunga Machado
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United States of America
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Ofelia M Colunga Machado
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Wednesday, November 8, 1961
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Ofelia M's Story

I arrived Nov. 8, 1961 at the age of 10 with my middle brother, my older brother would not get out until the next day. We were taken to the camp in Kendall. We were moved to the Florida City Camp,I be...

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Hi Ophelia, I think we played basketball on the coral gables high basketball team with Mrs Darwick as coach in 1966 to 1968. i lived off of US one and 16th Ave. and you left off of US one and 17th Ave. you had reddish brown hair and we obviously pay basketball together.

Message by Tina Pitcairn | Jul 1st 2014

09/20/09 Fué un gusto conocerte anoche en la fiesta de nuestra querida Cachita. Y para mi fué una gran emoción verla después de 47 años y sobretodo "las niñas" (parece mentira como se va el tiempo). Un abrazo, Otmara Capote

Message by Otmara Capote Gonzalez | Sep 20th 2009

Hi Ofelia I did not know you were a Peter Pan. My husband is a Peter Pan as well. Rebeca/TARAFA'S EX. My second husband is Marcial Pena. It is a small world. Is your brother the one with a house in Kawama, key largo

Message by Marcial R Pena Alea | Aug 1st 2009

Hi Ofelia, Yo fui al Shenandoah y a Coral Gables Senior, graduandome en el 1967. Ya veo porque tu me parecias conocida en el picnic del 2009. En la foto que tienes aqui en Florida City, la muchacha alta a la derecha, esa creo que es Maggie Prieto; la conoces? Estuvo en el Shenandoah conmigo. Yo llegue 5/14/62, casa de Aguirregaviria, la ultima casa beige en el campamento.

Message by Beatriz Amézaga-Wolf | Jun 4th 2009

Hola Ofelia, te he visto en Facebook y pense que eras parienta de Gregorio Colunga qpd. El era mi tio politico. Su esposa es hermana de mi Papa qpd. Hable con ella ayer y me dijo que Gregorio y tu eran primos. Saludos, Mary

Message by Maria Petronila Hernandez Mills | Jun 2nd 2009

Ofelia: The people you may know section is not the same as requests. Those are people we think you might know based on who you're already connected to. You can click the little "X" next to the name if you don't know the person, and they will disappear off the list.

Message by Pedro Pan Administrator | May 29th 2009

Eddy Lopez where are you? I just saw your message!! Wow, so many memories from UF, horseback riding and all.

Message by Ofelia M Colunga Machado | May 29th 2009

Hey Ofelia, I also arrived in Dec 1961 and stayed in Fla City about a month, however, I don't know which house I was staying in. I also attended Shenandoah Jr High and Coral Gables High School I was suppose to graduate in 1968 but got married a year earlier and later finished at Lindsey Hopkins. If you have any of your yearbooks from 66' & 67' I'm in there as Marta Martinez, maybe I will look you up today.

Message by Martha Ginory | May 19th 2009

Hi Ofe, You look great!

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | May 19th 2009

Hi Ofelita, is Eddy Lopez frm UF, I have not seen you in a while, how is Panchito? it was nice seeing you in the site.

Message by Eddy Lopez | May 18th 2009

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