Zenaida H Bustillo Brizuela

General Information
Current Name
Zenaida H Schmidt Bustillo Brizuela
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Zenaida H Bustillo Brizuela
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, March 11, 1961
Relocated To

Zenaida H's Story

After arriving in Miami with my brother, Felipe and living in Kendall and Florida City for three months, we went to Alexandria, Louisiana and lived there for nine months.

My parents arrived in 196...

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Hi Zeny, stopped writing for some time. Some of us joined Facebook, too. I joined to connect with family we haven't seen for years or who we didn't meet yet or with friends from Louisiana and other places. Please write. Let us know about your beautiful family. How are Felipe, your sisters and your parents? And of course, your children and grandchildren. My Facebook name is Noeli Monne I'm in a picture with my sister Marthica.

Message by Noelia M Monne y Martinez | Nov 24th 2013

Hi, Zenaidita: It's been a long time! This is Blanca Rosa Blanco (Blanquita) from Sti-Spiritus. I live half a block away from your house and I went to Colegio Apostolado. Remember me? Best regards to your fam. I hope to hear from you. The best for 2012 Blanquita

Message by Blanca Rosa Ferisin | Dec 29th 2011

Dear Zeni, How are you doing? Amazing all the things you have accomplished….I congratulate you. I can’t believe you are a grandmother!!! I am living in Los Angeles, but I still go to Miami at Christmas to see my mom…would love to see you and yours one of these days if you still go to Miami…Send my regards to your parents, Felipe, Jr. and sisters…I work for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences…it is very interesting and entertaining…I would love to talk with you sometime so I can tell you more about what I do at the Academy...Marta is in Santo Domingo, she is a real state agent… I hope you still check this website and answer me soon….I never come to this site, but Noelia told me she saw you here and I immediately went in to write you…. I’ve always considered you and Marta one of the best friends I’ve ever had…Rosy 12/5/11

Message by Rosa M. De la Torre Quiroga | Dec 5th 2011

Zeni, blessings to you and your family from me and my family. I remember you and Felipe well as well as stories that you used to tell me about your town and your family. My brother George, my sister Martha and I lived in New York City briefly and moved to New Jersey when our parents came from Cuba. I'm glad that you did well with work and your beautiful family. Tell me about your parents, your little sisters and Felipe.

Message by noelia maria monne y martinez | Nov 24th 2011

Hi Zenaida Wow! I don't often come to this site but was pleasantly surprised to see that you've "joined". I too taught Secondary since 1972. Mostly American History but also Government and Spanish when they needed me. I was the "little sister" to Lucy. I see Rosy at Christmas time when she goes to Miami to visit her mom. We drive down from Jupiter where Sam and I retired. No children....dogs....and 35 years of marriage....:) Great reading your "profile"....hopefully we'll hear from you again. Silvia

Message by Silvia Alonso White | May 11th 2011

Hi Zeni . . . I just saw that you answered my message, but I didn't receive notification. How are you doing? Would love to hear from you. Is Felipe a physician in Kansas City? Wouldn't it be nice if we could get together again?

Message by Lucy Alonso Rivero | Mar 25th 2011

Nice to read your story. It's been a very long time since I last saw you. Please say "hello" to your brother.

Message by Mariano P Barreiro | Jun 6th 2010

Congratulations, Zenaida!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 4th 2010

Yes, after Kendall and Florida City, Felipe and I went to Alexandria, Louisiana. It's so nice to hear from you! It's been so long!

Message by Zenaida H Schmidt Bustillo Brizuela | Jun 4th 2010

Zenaida H says: Just welcomed our fifth grandchild, Alayna Marie, born on May 28th at 1:36 P.M.

Status update | Jun 4th 2010

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