Oscar M. Torres Ramos

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Oscar M Torres
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United States of America
Name on Arrival
Oscar M. Torres Ramos
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Date of Arrival
Thursday, October 26, 1961
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Oscar M.'s Story

I arrived on October 26, 1961 at age 16. I was sent to Saint Joseph Orphanage, Helena, Montana on November 13th. I was placed on the Bernardis' home in Whitefish, Montana about 10 days later. A coupl...

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Message by Martin J.B. Moran "El Irlandes" | Aug 1st 2014

Hello Oscar, my name is Teri Slocum Cassidy. I believe that you and your two lived with us for a year and a half. I was a young girl when you all came and lived with us. I sent you and your brother a letter when you all left. Please find it in your heart to contact me, if you are one of my Cubian brothers. I remember you as being a twin to George and having an older named Ralule. I am sorry about the spelling. I just know I loved you guys, and you had a sister left with your parents.

Message by Teri Slocum Cassidy | Sep 25th 2013

Hello Oscar...this is from an old Wisconsin UW La Crosse friend, Mary. I found you by remembering "modesto"...as one of your names...I read your story of arrival, the history of you before I knew you...lots I never knew. So glad to hear you have had a great life and have a wonderful family. Wish I could see a picture or two just for old time's sake. I have two children...one grandchild. I have some photos of your first communion you left behind...should I send them to you or just keep them? Are your parents still alive? My father died...his name was Oscar too, you may remember. I use his name in my email.

Message by Mary Fauske Winter | Jan 30th 2010

Creo que esta muy bien. Es tu historia verdadera.Yo que soy madre ahora no me imagino de donde mama saco fuerzas para mandarte solo a un pais desconocido y sin saber cual iba ser su futuro. Hermana

Message by alicia torres herrero | Jun 1st 2009

Hello Mr. Torres.... I noticed you sent a message to Maria C De Almagro who apparently lived in Whitefish also... who was she??? I have have sent a message to a Maria Delgado who lived with the Browns with her little brother Julio (Speedy). Take care

Message by Ozzie Mora | May 31st 2009

Hey Oscar... thanks for the update on the twins and their brother... I don't remember his name either, but we used to call him "el gago" for obvious reasons. Take care and give my best to Lourdes.

Message by Ozzie Mora | May 30th 2009

Hi Oscar, I e-mailed my foster family and they remembered the Bernardi's and the 3 boys that stayed with them. My brother and I went to Whitefish probably after you all left. My foster family says that they still have conctact with Julio Delgado who stayed with the Brown's. They are going to give him the website so he can sign in. My foster family and I, have had communications with Ozzie Mora. Read what she wrote on Ozzie's page.

Message by Vivian A McCombie y Salort | May 28th 2009

Oscar.. Do you remember the names of the twins that lived in Whitefish with the "El Loco" family?? How about Rafael's last name. Rafael and his younger brother lived with a family that had a daughter named Linda. As you recall, you Frank and I helped the family shovel dirt out of their basement one weekend, and they gave us tickets to the basketball game. Take care... Ozzie (Osvaldo) Mora

Message by Ozzie Mora | May 23rd 2009

Hi Oscar, You don't know me, but my brother and I arrived in Florida City on 8-12-1962. Nine days later we were flown to St. Joseph Orphanage in Helena, Montana and 2 years later we were taken in by the Osborne family that lived in Whitefish, Montana. We seem to have followed the same road. When we got to the Orphanage we were told that they had replaced all the personnel and that the children had it very rough. Do you know anything about this. What can you tell me about your experience there? Vivian Salort

Message by Vivian A McCombie y Salort | May 18th 2009

Oscar gusto de sdaludarte..escribe tu historia para asi compartirla con nosotros..aqui me tienes, vivo en Miami ahora..

Message by ileana | May 17th 2009

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