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I Left Cuba on the KLM morning flight of October 24, 1961. I was picked up by Alfonso Gomez Mena who was replacing Jorge Guarch that particular day. I knew Alfonso, who had been the owner of a Sugar Mill my father had managed, and we connected inmediately and It was very reassuring for me. After a brief stop at Kendall to drop off some of the children, Alfonso took me to Camp Matecumbe where I stayed for about a month, assigned to Sergio Garcia Miro's cabin. At Matecumbe I was called "El Tecnico" because of my electro-mechanical abilities. I was the boy who rigged an old juke box that I found in the camp, to the Kendall Girls' portable "maletica" record player, so that the music could be heard very loud on Friday's dances. Before me, the music from the "maletica" alone could be hardly heard!!!!

I was then transfered to the Jesuit Boys Residence at 163 S.E. 15 Rd, Miami, where there were 20 other boys, including my first cousin Charles Wolf. This house was also called White Hall. A few month later, the next door house #175 was given to the Jesuits, and about 20 other boys came from other camps, some from Matecumbe and my brother Pepe from the Florida City Camp. At this house there were many of my old classmates and friends from El Colegio de Belen in Havana, as well as some of the Jesuit fathers and brothers taking care of us. Here I was call "El ingeniero", so I guess I was promoted. I attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory School where I graduated in 1963, just a couple of weeks after my parents arrival from Cuba. My father signed my last Report Card, as all others before were signed by Father Jesus M. Nuevo who was my guardian for those two years.

I very much enjoyed my stay at both Camp Matecumbe and at The Jesuit home and I deeply admire the courage of my parents in making that hard and difficult desicion; and I feel eternal gratitude to them and to those who in their absence, my Jesuit teachers and my aunt Lily, who with so much love, dedication and unselfisness, cared for me, my brother, and my sister.

I served in the US Army 1966-1968 as a Telecommunications Instructor at Ft. Gordon, Georgia Southeastern Signal School.

I live in Miami and work as Director of Physical Plant at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, which is part of the Department of Opthalmology of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

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Clemente: Me sorprendi muc ho cuando vi una foto mia contigo donde me identificas correctamente como Jose Manuel Pis Bauta. me acuerdo muy bien de aquel dia y me trae unos recuerdos muy gratos. Vivo en Milwaukee, me gustaria visitarte cuando vuelva por Miami. Mi nombre es Jose Delgado ( lo del Pis no camino en Chicago), enviame una nota a

Message by Jose Manuel Delgado | Nov 4th 2012

Recibi tu mensage Clemente Me acurdo muy bien de ese dia Mi e mail

Message by Alberto Pirez Acosta | Jul 15th 2012

Clemente, nuestro documento de "Miami Camps and Group Homes" está ahora en el link "Resources" de éste Network. Click on the "Coverage" link on the red bar above, y después el link "Resources" en el "Coverage" page.

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Jul 4th 2012

Clemente C says: Muy buena historia Herminio. Clemente Amézaga Wolf.

Status update | Oct 28th 2011

Clemente C says: Nicolas, since you retired I lost contact with you. I have my same email address. Saluda a tu esposa en nuestro nombre. Clemente.

Status update | Oct 16th 2011

Clemente C has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Sep 13th 2011

Clemente el Padre O"farrill falecio hace unos cuantos años. Saludos

Message by Paco Echeverria | Aug 31st 2011

Me alegro te haya gustado la foto con Albertina. Le preguntaré acerca del Padre O'Farrill. Albertina tiene una memoria maravillosa. ¡Qué Dios la bendiga!

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Aug 30th 2011

Hola Clemente! Hola Eloisa! Que te parece , Eloisa?? tenemos un medio parentezco! El mundo es chiquito! nada mas por poner una foto de mi amiga Susana , una foto que ya tiene mas de 50 anos, aqui en este web site. saludos , seida

Message by Seida R Tamargo Gutierrez | Aug 29th 2011

Clemente C says: Si, Emy, a mi tambien me dio gusto saludarte en persona. Solo senti no haber podido conversar al menos un ratico. clemente.

Status update | Feb 7th 2011

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