Maria del Carmen Perez Cancelas (Romanach)

General Information
Current Name
Carmencita Romanach
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Maria del Carmen Perez Cancelas (Romanach)
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Relocated To
Haiti Pedro Pan
Maria del Carmen has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

Maria del Carmen's Story

Today, October 19th, 2011 marks a very important milestone in my life. On a day like this, fifty years ago, I arrived at the Miami Airport with my two younger brothers, Raul and Carlos.

I would be ...

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Maria del Carmen says: Happy Father's Day to all my pedropan brothers! May you have a wonderfulday with your children and grandchildren....

Status update | Jun 20th 2010

necesito la cancion Libertad de Pedro Pan para una amiga mia Americana que la quiere en Ingles.Me puedes alludar con eso? te lo agradesco mucho!

Message by judy Aragunde | Jun 9th 2010

Hola Carmencita, acabo de leer tu carta a CNBC. Kudos para ti, y gracias por tu valentia y respeto a tus padres. Marcos

Message by Marcos F. Pinedo | Jun 8th 2010

Hoy te tengo un buen chisme que deriva del Windy City....IT IS BIG!!!! I'll have to tell you about it...Claro, que a mi no me gusta ruin anyone's REPUTACION! be continued

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 8th 2010

Lo de los Mojitos no se lo vayas a decir a Melvin porque se nos va a querer pegar y despues Emy lo va a tener que torturar ...que chancletero es este tipo!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 8th 2010

Desde que se pueden poner mas fotos, las artistas estan desbocadas!!! You guys have hot and steamy pictues...what a shame I've never been hot or steamy!!! LOL!!! Glad to know you are back home....hope to see you in a few weeks!!!!! I think we need to go to Versailles and discuss some things over a Mojito!!!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 8th 2010

Maria del Carmen has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jun 7th 2010

Maria del Carmen has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jun 7th 2010

Maria I sent you an e mail over one year ago but you never got back to me. I live in Elmhurst IL and came over with my brother he was 8 and I was 5 we also went to Kendall. We were at Kendall for about one week but, my brother and I remember fighting every single day and don't remember too many kids that spoke spanish during our stay am I mistaken? We came over on Sept. 11, 1961 I was lucky my parents came over about 1 year later, my parents and brother have all passed away I would love to meet you someday. I am not sure if you know my old friend from high school George de Lama from the Tribune I am also friends with Jorge A Solis he is also a proud Cuban. If you ever have some type of reunion for Chicago Pedro Pans I would love to attend and share my story. Abrazos, Will O'Halloran

Message by Guillermo Ohallorans Chacon, William O'Halloran | Jun 1st 2010

Carmencita, tremenda carta que le has mandado al CNBC. Te felicito! Lili

Message by Lidia Gamble | May 31st 2010

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