Raul Gonzalez Del Toro

General Information
Current Name
Raul Gonzalez Del Toro
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Raul Gonzalez Del Toro
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, September 30, 1961
Relocated To
Kendall / St Marys Home for Boys Portland Or.

Raul's Story

I arrived in Miami, but was quickly moved to a Home for Boys in Portland Or. The following year was a living hell. Twenty years ago, I put those memories in a book. The book has been edited, but not p...

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Hola, Raúl. ¿Cómo estás? Me ha llegado un recorte del periódico The Oregonian fechado 8 de marzo de 1962, con la fotografía de los diez niños cubanos que se hallaban en St. Marys Home for Boys. Lamentablemente, sólo da sus nombres, pero sin los apellidos. ¿Por casualidad, recuerdas los apellidos de algunos de los muchachos? Mi dirección electrónica es jose01010@hotmail.com. Mil gracias.

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Jul 4th 2014

Raul again my email is february1900@yahoo.com Raimundo Espinosa

Message by Raimundo M Espinosa Alvarez | Aug 10th 2010

Raul I send you a message the other day hope you are ok waiting for your answer Raimundo

Message by Raimundo M Espinosa Alvarez | Aug 10th 2010

I just read your story it sounds horible I was in Portland Oregon in a foster home for 3 years I knew there were 2 or 3 more foster homes but not a Home for Boys where was it located did Fr. Park have anything to do with it.You an reach me at my email february1900@yahoo.com

Message by raimundo espinosa | Aug 1st 2010

Hello Raúl. Espero leer to libro. José Raúl

Message by José Raúl Montes Sori | Jul 26th 2010

Hello Raúl... I am sorry that you had to endure so much. I am here for you brother if you want to talk. My phone and e-mail address are on my page. God Bless.

Message by Ozzie Mora | Jul 19th 2010

Welcome, Raul to our website. I hope the experience on this site will be a healing and enjoyable one for you. God's blessings be with you.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jul 19th 2010

Welcome to the website Raul, I hope to one day be able to read your story. God Bless you too, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Jul 18th 2010

Raul has updated their profile.

Status update | Jul 17th 2010

Raul has joined the Pedro Pan Network. Please welcome them!

Status update | Jul 17th 2010

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