Luisa M Valcarcel Suero

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Luisa M Valcarcel Suero
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United States of America
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Luisa M Valcarcel Suero
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Date of Arrival
Friday, September 29, 1961
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Luisa M's Story

For many of us who are rapidly approaching retirement age, it is wonderful that we are able to gather around our "Peter Pan" experiences as a source of renewal. As an only child who left Cuba with a...

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Si tengo muchos recuerdos del colegio Cima como cuando jugabamos a los "jacks" y al Caracol. Yo estuve desde Kindergarten con Mrs. Mora hasta tercer ano de Bachillerato en el anexo. Siempre recuerdo con mucho carino a Mrs. Cima, a Ms. Flora y a Magdalena asi como al profesor Eduardo. Por supuesto recuerdo a todos los masstros y de todos los antiguos alumnos

Message by Dania Ofelia Varela | Mar 30th 2012

I went to Colegio Cima from kindergarten to 5th grade. I believe from 1952 to 1958. I have great memories of Mrs Cima...

Message by Jorge Guerra | Jan 7th 2011

Were you a student of Colegio Cima, Almendares, Cuba? If yes, I have some class pictures where you are. You can find them also at "ex alumnos del colegio cima" (facebook)

Message by teresa rios | Jun 30th 2010

Welcome to our network Luisa. I like the way you ended your story.

Message by Ozzie Mora | Jun 29th 2010

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