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I thought Helena Montana was going to be Heaven just by getting out of Matecumbe. Well, I and who knows who else, did not find it that way. My experiences, many were sad and threatening. Living under the control of a child sex abuser was bad enough. Thank God I never was molested by him but I know of others. I knew this was going on but never witnessed it. This was corroborated many many years later when I got in touch with one of the residents of Brondel Hall who told me of those atrocities and what he was forced to do, and by knowing what the atmosphere was in Brondel Hall, I have no problem in believing it. He may have held Holy Mass on the second floor of the house and have communion daily, but that will never keep him away from his place in HELL ! The wheeling and dealing, the hipocresy he displayed made him a respected member of the community, little did they know of what his usual trends or habits were. I went on a cross Country trip in May of 09 and I wanted my wife to see where I lived in Helena. I visited the Hall and it was a lawyers office. I was able to recognize every part of it including the carvings on the beautiful cherry wood on the window sills of the first floor by some of us. I was even asked if I knew them. Of course I did. I visited my room in the basement next to the boiler and it became a file cabinet storage room, the paint is still the same, nothing changed. While at the Hall, I made friends with a great lady at a nearby Hotel down in Park Ave. who was very obese and needed help with doing her groceries. I helped her out and in turn she allowed me to drive her VW red and white van. To this, the Msgr. was not very happy about, neither when I met Mrs. Greenfield who one day showed up at the Hall and wanted to meet us. She became a great friend, she lived in the valley and it took me over three hours to locate her home as the area has changed so much with subdivisions, etc. I found it and met her daughter who now is as old as Mrs. Greenfield was at the time. Before I went in the house, I told her of what was inside the house at the time. And God be my witness, throughout all these years that lady kept EVERYTHING Mrs. Greenfield had on the same place. It was amazing to see this and she was amazed at how I could recall the furniture, the fireplace, the kitchen with its metal white table with a red trim, IT IS STILL THERE !!!. I could not believe it. I guess Mrs. Greenfield was the starting point in my life in why I became a Police Officer. She used to take me to her ranch and she would dress up like Annie Oakley and taught me how to shoot. This lady could hit a coke bottle on top of the railroad track behind the ranch at 50 yards with a 6" revolver. She taught me how to shoot and once this was known to the Msgr. and all the things she used to let me have like her 54 red two door Merc. it became apparent to the Msgr. that she was no longer welcomed and he made it a point of me knowing that. What a rotten bastard this guy was.

The time for my parents to decide to leave came up and I did my best to get them a visa thru Mexico but it failed. I left Montana for NY to get a job and save money to see if I could afford bringing them thru Spain as they were born there. Years went by and the news that dad had lung cancer were told to me. I was able to get my dad and mom on a mercy flight thru the efforts of Congressman Richard L. Ottinger in Yonkers, NY and they arrived on September 16 of 1966, my dad died on October 10 of 1966. He spoke very little while ill, it was hard as he was in pain and breathing poorly but I will never forget his first words when he saw me in Miami at the CASA DEL REFUGIO laying in a cot dying already. He said to me when I embraced him for the first time My son, now I can die, but at least I will die FREE !!!This I think planted inside of me a character of anti communist, anti socialism, etc. that many gringos do not understand today. Because of the way I have always felt about being free and telling our story, and I mean OUR as it pertains to all of us exiles, I have been called a rebel with a cause. So be it if now days people think differently about what freedom is due to their ignorance. WHen I tell them my story, there is very little left they can say but oh, I did not know it was like that. While in NY I held many jobs, the lasting ones were at GMAD, the Chev plant where after a few years also I became a production line foreman, then I became a Mayor's Assistant in Yonkers and later I became a Police Officer in NY and then continued my career in Miami with MDPD. I retired in 1998 and took my kids to Georgia where they could be safe and receive a better education than what they were receiveing in Miami. Gangs, murders, burglaries, rapes (And I worked many of those in CSI) made Miami a place not to raise my children. They both are grown ups now, I have a beautiful Matancera for a wife ready to retire from Bell South and have three beautiful grandkids. I am very very proud of my son, a Sgt. in the Marine Corps and Purple Heart and medal of Valor/Achievement recipient. We nearly lost him in Iraq on his second tour but he went back for his third. OORAAH ! I guess my absence from Vietnam or the service made him pay the consequences in his lifetime. Eventhough he always said he would not become a Police Officer, he did and he is, in our hometown in McDonough. I now live comfortably in a city/farm type area, I grow hens, goats, I rebuild classic cars and I am always trying to keep busy. I love Casinos so does my wife. We have been or I should say she has been very very lucky, I am the loser on this. We have been AANR members for years and I am a member of a Methodist Church nearby as I can not, one because of the distance to a Catholic Church and second, I can not attend Mass without these past memories coming back at times not always but I feel uncomfortable. I keep Jesus strongly in my heart and I hope the day I meet him on Judgement Day he will understand and be easy on me. I thank this Country for my freedom and every American of every walk of life that had an impact on my life as well as with the rest of us and I hope not to offend anyone, but I am a REPUBLICAN, not a liberal. At 67 years old there is very little anyone can tell me or to convince me to change my habits. I suffer from "SOMEHEIZMERS" Sometimes you remember, sometimes you forget, but the truth and one's life experiences are never forgotten and will stay with each one of us for as long as we live and will go with us in a box to the cemetery or to the oven for a good ashy burn. Years ago, and I will close with this, I contacted Msgr. Daniel B. Harrington. He was in a Catholic nursing home in Ft. Lauderdale. After that I heard he passed. It is my quest to find out before I pass where he is buried at, so I can pee on his grave and say THIS IS FOR ALL YOU DID TO MY FRIENDS IN BRONDELL HALL !!!! Keep in touch people, I would love to hear from anyone who knows me. I will post a photo of then and one of now once I find out how to do it. I am Law literate but computer illiterate. Hugs and the best to all

Manny Perez-Capon. I am on Facebook as that

November 13, 2011

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Manny----conde diable estas metido??? Es Oreste....tu amigo de Helena, Montana....llamame (305) 968-4249 Sigo viviendo en la misma casa (remember you came to investigate a robbery) when your daughter was superrrr young...Call me

Message by Orestes Rodriguez Lopez | Mar 3rd 2013

Hello Manny , yes i do live in Sevilla, Spain and also iam in Facebook is a matter of fact that i had just send you a message in facebook after talking to Manny Gutierrez by phone, well kid bye now , un abrazo " El Frances"

Message by Eddie Enrique Fernandez Tramezaygues | Jan 24th 2013

Manuel says: Carlos Morales Gomez , mi primo, me dejo un mensaje aqui tratando de localizarme, aparentemente llego a USA. Como se sabe como lo hizo o donde?

Status update | Jan 24th 2013

Manuel says: To Carlos Morales, call 678-583-4111, YES you are my cousin. Hope this gets to you, just saw the message you posted 21 hours ago

Status update | Oct 4th 2012

Manuel says: To Carlitos Morales Gomez, si soy tu primo y primo de Lydia y the Margot y sobrino de tia Manuela. Llamame 678-583-4111

Status update | Oct 4th 2012

Quizas seamos familia, si su mama se llamaba Irene, Ud es primo de mi mama Margarita Gomez Capon

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Oct 4th 2012

I remember how bad you drove the sometime bus when Marti couldn't !! But you took us 15 + blocks away for breakfast & dinner at Carroll College Commons!

Message by Nick Perez-Caurel | Aug 30th 2012

Thank You for keeping it real. Marta Valero

Message by Marta S Castillo Valero | May 8th 2012

Hello Manny, i was a the carpa of Alejandro from july 1962 till nov/62, the kids used to callme "El Frances", your history is very much like a lot of us, we all have a lot to tell and while some like me chose no to tell the all history i do congratuled you, i can not really remember much of it anyhow, we're the same age, my oldest daugther has been a metro-dade police officer for the last 18 year and my son inlaw is in special forces too for a very long time, i have keep in touch with some guys from Matecumbe but unfortunate like i told you before i can't remember much, well kid it's been good to hear from you, if you do remember me , please let me know, un abrazo "El Frances"

Message by Eddie Enrique Fernandez Tramezaygues | Nov 14th 2011

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Status update | Nov 14th 2011

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