Manuel Perez Capon

General Information
Current Name
Manuel Perez Capon
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Manuel Perez Capon
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, April 23, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Matecumbe

Manuel's Story

I thought Helena Montana was going to be Heaven just by getting out of Matecumbe. Well, I and who knows who else, did not find it that way. My experiences, many were sad and threatening. Living und...

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Manny----conde diable estas metido??? Es Oreste....tu amigo de Helena, Montana....llamame (305) 968-4249 Sigo viviendo en la misma casa (remember you came to investigate a robbery) when your daughter was superrrr young...Call me

Message by Orestes Rodriguez Lopez | Mar 3rd 2013

Hello Manny , yes i do live in Sevilla, Spain and also iam in Facebook is a matter of fact that i had just send you a message in facebook after talking to Manny Gutierrez by phone, well kid bye now , un abrazo " El Frances"

Message by Eddie Enrique Fernandez Tramezaygues | Jan 24th 2013

Manuel says: Carlos Morales Gomez , mi primo, me dejo un mensaje aqui tratando de localizarme, aparentemente llego a USA. Como se sabe como lo hizo o donde?

Status update | Jan 24th 2013

Manuel says: To Carlos Morales, call 678-583-4111, YES you are my cousin. Hope this gets to you, just saw the message you posted 21 hours ago

Status update | Oct 4th 2012

Manuel says: To Carlitos Morales Gomez, si soy tu primo y primo de Lydia y the Margot y sobrino de tia Manuela. Llamame 678-583-4111

Status update | Oct 4th 2012

Quizas seamos familia, si su mama se llamaba Irene, Ud es primo de mi mama Margarita Gomez Capon

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Oct 4th 2012

I remember how bad you drove the sometime bus when Marti couldn't !! But you took us 15 + blocks away for breakfast & dinner at Carroll College Commons!

Message by Nick Perez-Caurel | Aug 30th 2012

Thank You for keeping it real. Marta Valero

Message by Marta S Castillo Valero | May 8th 2012

Hello Manny, i was a the carpa of Alejandro from july 1962 till nov/62, the kids used to callme "El Frances", your history is very much like a lot of us, we all have a lot to tell and while some like me chose no to tell the all history i do congratuled you, i can not really remember much of it anyhow, we're the same age, my oldest daugther has been a metro-dade police officer for the last 18 year and my son inlaw is in special forces too for a very long time, i have keep in touch with some guys from Matecumbe but unfortunate like i told you before i can't remember much, well kid it's been good to hear from you, if you do remember me , please let me know, un abrazo "El Frances"

Message by Eddie Enrique Fernandez Tramezaygues | Nov 14th 2011

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Status update | Nov 14th 2011

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