Jorge A. de la Fé Pasarón

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Mine is simple I was not aware about leaving Cuba until the sunday before when My mother advice me that I was leaving to Miami a couple of day's latter we woke up very early in the morning and we whent to the airport where I was placed inside the fish bowl for about 6 hrs then I whent into the plane and landed in Miami a priest took my hand and yelled for my aunt and she came over and he placed my hand with my aunt's hand and said take care of him

that is all simple

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Hola Jorge, Yo soy Pepito Ayo, Saludos a Adelina

Message by Jose Ayo | Dec 2nd 2012

Welcome Jorge. Glad you made the decision to join us. I think many of us weren't aware that we were leaving until the last minute..,thank you for sharing your story.

Message by Adrianne Miller | Jan 4th 2010

Jorge, welcome to our webpage. I hope you enjoy connecting with other Pedro Panners. This is one unique bunch of brothers and sisters. Healthy New Year 2010!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jan 1st 2010

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