Luis C Vera Cedeno

General Information
Current Name
Luis C Vera
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Luis C Vera Cedeno
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Kendall
Stayed With
Guardian Angel Home

Luis C's Story

Arrived midday and it was evening by the time I saw the Kendall Refugee Camp from a small van where I travelled with other children from Miami International Airport. A short ride...hungry...very,very ...

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Hi, Luis.Hope you are well, give me a call when you can. Take care, God Bless.Polo

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Oct 16th 2009

Luis, ya encontre mas fotos, ve a mis fotos y veras muchos conocidos. Migue

Message by Miguel M Miguel de la Puente | Jun 14th 2009

Luis, cuando vuelvas a entrar en el foro, ve a mi "profile" que he puesto mas fotos. Espero encontrar mas fotos este fin de semana.

Message by Miguel M Miguel de la Puente | Jun 12th 2009

No, I do not remember you but i am very happy to hear from you. I do remember being at the dining room and eating the sandwiches and drinking milk like I never didi before. Please call me when you have time. my cell 305.332.0231. Luis

Message by Luis C Vera | Jun 1st 2009

Luis, I don't know if you remember me, we rode together that evening. After leaving the younger boys and girls in Florida City, we were taken to Kendall, very late at night and very very hungry. since we were waiting at the airport to be picked up and no one offered us anything to eat. We were three "older" kids and they took us to the dining room and gave us sanwiches and milk. I have never forgotten that day. You and the other kid went to Peoria together. I remember that you visited us at Opa-Locka. Later we all went our separate ways. We all had bumpy rides along the way, hope that yours is smooth from here on. It was good to hear from you.

Message by Miguel M Miguel de la Puente | May 31st 2009

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