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Hi, everybody..... it is exciting to find this great website and interactive database of all the Pedro Pan kids... this is a massive effort of the Miami Herald and I sure hope that by these means, we can re-connect with old friends from the different camps....

I was at Kendall and later on Opa-Locka. My mom arrived from Cuba on a Red Cross ship two years later and I left the camp to live with her.... my older brother and his wife were already living in Pittsburgh by this time. I never left Florida to live with any foster family, or in a hostile environment... my memories of Kendall and the Hermanos Maristas have always been refreshing and pleasant. I thank my family for sending me out of a living hell, a beautiful island in the Caribbean which has been under oppresion for 50+ years already. I consider myself exceedingly blessed by God for giving me freedom, my family which was reunited and lots of friends around the world. I've been outside Florida for 31 years, living and working hard in the field of Education in Washington, DC. I love this city and what I do for a living. My folks are in Miami Beach, and a few remain on the island.... I've visited them 3 times in the last 20 years and feel very sorry for them and other Cubans my age who grew up tormented and in misery, wishing each and every day of their lives that they, too, could have lived in the U.S.A. with their civil rights to worship, read/write and vote for whomever they want. PEDRO PANS are the lucky ones.... we are survivors. All of us, let's celebrate every day of our lives!


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Hello Jesus este es Manzanita mi nombre es ALberto Mi email is

Message by Angel A Caraballo de la Portilla | Feb 19th 2013

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Jesus S says: Hello, Pedro Pan brothers and sisters.IN MEMORIAM for Elly Chovel..."Five years ago she entered heaven and is in the company of Msgr. Walsh." 9-09

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Jay darling, Albertina's photo is in my profile page. There is really no "story," but everytime Msgr. Walsh wrote about our heroes in Cuba he mentioned her. She wrote a book about her very interesting life and the University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection interviewed her a few years ago as part of their Living History Project. You can see that on their website. I may interview her also soon.

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Sep 22nd 2011

Hi Jay! There are two persons I know who may know of your Angel Ms. Esnard de Pina. One is Sister Leonor Esnard. She is a Pedro Pan who used to teach at Barry University and at some point was also a board member of OPPG. I promise I'll call her soon and will ask her. The other one is Albertina O'Farrill. She is another one of the courageous ladies who obtained and distributed visa waivers to the children in Cuba. I'll go visit her soon and will ask her. Cariños, Eloísa

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Sep 21st 2011

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