Message from Pedro Pan Eloísa Echazábal. Below the link to the Miami Dade College announcement dated July 8th regarding the upcoming Freedom Tower exhibit about the Cuban exile experience. This exhibit will be launched in mid-September. The first exile focus will be on the Pedro Pan exodus. Most of us who reunited with our parents in Miami remember visiting the Freedom Tower for the services the U.S. government made available to the newly arriving Cuban exiles. The Pedro Pan exhibit will last about two years. Miami Dade College and The Miami Herald Media Company invited me to collaborate with them when the plans were first developed about two years ago, and I was ecstatic with the opportunity. Also collaborating with their memorabilia and photos are Operation Pedro Pan Group Inc.organization, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection and Florida International University Libraries. As soon as the next official announcement comes out, I will forward. In the meantime, I would like to let you know that a "collecting day" is being planned for Saturday, July 26th, from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Freedom Tower. This is the day when Pedro Pans will have the opportunity to bring memorabilia regarding our Pedro Pan days to be loaned to the exhibit. Required receipts and documentation will be available there. Courtesy parking on the open lot across the street south of the Tower. Entrance on N.E. 5th street. Just let the attendant know you are coming to the Tower to bring your items. This is a great opportunity to showcase our experience. Again, as additional announcements are released, I'll forward.

Fabiola M Hernandez Castro

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I was born in Cardenas where I went to Las Escolapias. In 1961, all private schools were closed by the communist. To continue in the public school system, I was supposed to be indoctrinated by the communist and sent to the farmlands on government missions with the Conrado Benitez Brigades. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. However, my parents decided to send me away, by myself, on April 4, 1962. I was terrified, but relatives (aunts & cousins) I had in Miami & West Palm Beach were supposed to pick me up at the Miami Airport. The agreement was that I was to stay with them until my family came. What a surprise! The relatives NEVER showed up at the airport. George Guarch (El Abuelo) drove me to Florida City where I stayed with the Rodriguez-Walling family. Mr. Guarch and the Rodriguez-Walling were extremely nice to me, like family, but not quite the same. I missed my parents since this was the first time in my life that I slept away from them. In June 1962, I was sent with another 15 girls to a reformatory, Our Lady of Victory, San Antonio, TX. I called my family and all I was told was that San Antonio was a nice place to be and that I should visit The Alamo. It was HORRIBLE at the reformatory. Two months later Father Ramon O'Farrill, who was at that time assigned to a church in San Antonio, took us out of that place. Father O'Farrill had been forced to leave Cuba aboard the ship Covadonga along with most of the priests in Cuba. I went to a foster home for about two months. It wasn't nice at the foster home either, so I was sent to the Incarnate Word College (IWC), a Catholic school, where I lived like a queen with Pedro Pans Maria Elena Alvarez, Avelina Marrero Fiandor, and Andrea Araño Marti. We went through the Cuban Missile Crisis at IWC. I was then sure I'd never see my family again. Good things very seldom last long. When the school year was over and since I was getting close to 19 years old, I was sent to Villa Maria where I lived for a few months with a large group of Pedro Pan sisters. I returned to Miami in 1964. My parents came in the Freedom Flights almost four years later, December 24,1965. It was the greatest Christmas of them all. By then I was married and living with my husband in Miami. It should be noted that during the almost two years I was in San Antonio, I only received one very short note from my Miami/WPB relatives. In spite of all the loneliness, tears, prayers and hardships, I am glad my parents sent me away in the Pedro Pan program. Could anyone imagine what it would have been like staying in Cuba all these years?

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I was born in cardenas too and went to Las escolapias but I left Cuba in 1954. A few of my cousins were Part of the Pedro Pan experience and have trouble with the painful memories some where pretty small I just read an article about The Hebrew Children of Cuba. Broke my heart!

Message by Patricia Alcebo | Jan 29th 2014

Do you know a Raul Alcebo? He was my late father and passed when I was 9. I dont know much about his story and I saw you post on Grace Alcebo's page. Anything you can help me with would be appreciated. Thank you

Message by Matt Alcebo | Oct 17th 2013

Mi email es

Message by Carmen C Lopez Mesa | Apr 27th 2013

Ay Dios Mio! Yo no recordaba esta foto. Me alegro mucho haber podido conectarme contigo despues de tanto tiempo, y Andrea, como esta ella?

Message by Carmen C Lopez Mesa | Apr 27th 2013

Si, la misma.

Message by Carmen C Lopez Mesa | Apr 26th 2013

Hola Fabiola, acabo de establecer mi profile en Pedro Pan y vi un mensaje tuyo tratando de localizarme. Un abrazo, Carmen.

Message by Carmen C Lopez Mesa | Apr 26th 2013

Hola Fabiola soy Emeren la ahijada de Alejandria C. Contreras te envio mi e-mail para comunicarnos y puedas saber mas de mi madrina.

Message by Emeren Febles | Oct 31st 2011

Bobbie era de la edad de mi hermano Raúl. O sea,de 15 años en 1962. Recuerdo que se fue de Cuba antes de nosotros y sabía que había ido a Boston. Quizás se fue con su familia aunque no lo recuerdo. Lo cómico fue que fui a un viaje a Boston con un grupo, pues estaba en un equipo de New Jersey llamado "Little Falls Gadets" Yo marchaba con una bandera. Pues, mientras en Boston, estaba segura de que me iba a encontrar a Bobbie allí en el estadium. Después de eso he pensado en el de vez en cuando y ultimamente me imaginé que quizás alguien en tu grupo seguramente se acordaría de él. Si te enteras, cuéntame. Aunque quien sabe... Cariños y gracias, Silvia

Message by Silvia M Martinez Tome | Jul 18th 2011

Hola Fabiola, ¿Conocías en Cuba a Bobbie Blanco? ¿Sabes algo de él? Eramos amigos en Varadero. Abrazos, Silvia (amiga de Mercy Alvarez)

Message by Silvia M Martinez Tome | Jul 17th 2011

Hola Fabiola... Maria received your information and has been on the phone since then...still is. It was so a shock for her to hear about it so late, but better now than "nunca." Abrazos, Raul

Message by Raul Martinez Tome | Jan 31st 2011

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