Ileana (MINICO) Ortega Menendez

General Information
Current Name
Ileana Arriola (Minico)
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Ileana (MINICO) Ortega Menendez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Sunday, June 3, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Fla. City
Stayed With
Rev Cornelius Stefani, St John's Academy, Colfax, Wa

Ileana (MINICO)'s Story


I came when I was 12 yrs old. I remember that Mima before us leaving Guir...

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Hi, Ileana. I've recently posted photos and have had no problems. I'm sure if you send a nice email to the administrator, including a pretty please, he/she will graciously try to help you with your problem. The administrator is a volunteer that helps keep this site going for us so once you report your problem, he/she will solve it as early as possible. One suggestion is that you check that the photo is saved as jpeg which is the format acceptable on this site. Hope you are doing well. Regards

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jul 21st 2010

Ileana (MINICO) says: I do not know f any of you is tired of trying to upload pictures & can NOT do it. WHAT is the matter for the administrator PEDRO PAN to fix it????

Status update | Jul 21st 2010

Ileana (MINICO) has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jul 1st 2010

Ileana (MINICO) says: Luisa Te he estado mensajes sobre una persona que me escribe en mi paginsa, es cual YO no conozco ni si es real, lo busco en google y me sale que tien

Status update | Jun 23rd 2010

Ileana (MINICO) has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jun 20th 2010

Ileana (MINICO) says: some one just on my wall & I cant get back to him, we have to fear for those that come in to this page & dont sign i Miamiherald has to fix that ASAP

Status update | Jun 8th 2010

Me gusto mucho que te recordaste de mis tios Dr. Orencio y Herminia de Aguilera, fueron muy queridos por toda nuestra familia y muy en especial por mi abuelo Cesar Aguilera y Santiesteban.

Message by Enrique Jose Aguilera y Calzadilla | Jun 8th 2010

Ileana your story was heartfelt...specially that when God or life gave you lemons YOUMADE LEMONADA!!! You are a very strong woman and it was priviledge to have met you thru facebook!!!Also thank you for msking me realize that I too belong to the Peter Pan kids...even though I came with a Visa but I came alone at 7 with my sibblings...Boy even though we came to an Aunt's house it was an ordeal leaving our parents behind!!!

Message by Blanca E Hidalgo Jove | May 28th 2010

Ileana (MINICO) says: MY friends Iintroduce to you Blanca E. Hidalgo Jove, she didn't know that she was a Pedro Pan until yesterday that I told her in FACEBOOK. WELCOME HER

Status update | May 27th 2010

Ileana (MINICO) has updated their profile.

Status update | May 27th 2010

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