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I came to the United States alone carrying my favorite doll, Albertico. I had just turned seven and really did not fully understand that I was leaving the world I knew for good. I thought I was goin...

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Bienvenida, Maria de los Angeles: I was moved by your story, especially when you share that you realize how your memories of Cuba have faded, and even your connection to the island will eventually disappear as those who remember it pass away. I am grateful that you've told your story and hope that in this telling there was also a re-connection with your roots, however tenuous. I think that, by keeping memories alive, stories also help us understand many things about our life in the present. Many blessings to you and your family.

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Nov 19th 2013

Welcome! ¡Bienvenida! Enjoyed reading your Pedro Pan testimonial. We were also relocated, but to snowy place, Kansas, in the middle of winter. As it was the case with your family, we had plenty of help from many people in the community. Kids in Junior and High Schools were great! In retrospect, despite the initial hardships, my family and I fared better than many people who were born here. For that I will always be grateful to both the US government and the American people. Thanks for sharing your story!

Message by Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes | Nov 16th 2013

Welcome to the Pedro Pan network, Maria de los Angeles. Where do you presently live. There's a Pedro Pan group in California and Miami. Several cities around the US have or have had reunions. Atlanta has a group that meets for lunch once in a while. If you are interested and need info to get in touch with them, let me know. Don't be lonely....there's 14,000 of us........

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Nov 7th 2013

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