Yolanda Cardenas Diaz

General Information
Current Name
Yolanda Cardenas Ganong
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Yolanda Cardenas Diaz
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, August 4, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Stayed With
Haiti Pedro Pan
Yolanda has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

Yolanda's Story

A story teller once told me that all stories begin in the middle. As I write this, the middle of my story has 17 years on one side and 47 on the other. For thousands of us Pedro Pan children, the midd...

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Yoli, recibi tus 2 mensajes que alegria que nos bamos a ver pronto. por favor si vez a Maria E. dale mis saludos y dile que la recuerdo con mucho carino, tu sabes si ella biene a la fiesta. Carinos Tete.

Message by Maria T Extremera Hernandez de Armas | Sep 27th 2010

Yolanda, solo para saludarte, y preguntarte si piensas ir a los 50 de PP carinos. Tete

Message by Maria T Extremera Hernandez de Armas | Sep 26th 2010

Yolanda: I was sincerely moved by your thoughtful, articulate comments, and encouraged by your humane and healing outlook. As you did not see the image that was whisked away from my profile, I have posted it in my photos for you and others to see and judge. Below is the text that apparently did not show in it’s entirety. "This picture was taken just three months after the Cuban Revolution, before the Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and Operation Pedro Pan. This black and white photograph documents the historical meeting between the frazzled revolutionary leader and the now famous Tres Muchachones, the juvenile brain trust from Havana. The topic at hand was agrarian reform. Can you guess which one of the Muchachos suggested that the supreme leader plant Rice Krispies? And which one wrote the “dazzling” new novel 90 miles to Havana? (Hint: the author is still partial to two-toned shoes.) " You might be right, as an artist I probably do have a different take on that image. I have used it in many mailings and postings to create awareness, illustrate the fundamental betrayal of expectations that led to the our departure, and give a historical context to my book ‘90 Miles to Havana.’ I did not intend to offend, but in my heart I know that I did not miscalculate. You see I am sure that a great many of my Pan Sisters and Brothers were able to process the content in a levelheaded way, understood the irony, and perhaps smiled, just a little, at the humor that sometimes accompanies irony. These Pans have made the difficult choice you mentioned, they have decided not to empower and enlarge his image and thus allow the intimacy that hatred engenders. I would wager that in general these Pans keep a low profile, and we will not see their pained, conflicted hearts hung out in broad daylight. Regrettably, this reticence to share and fear to speak ones mind, makes the deeper communication you mention, the interweaving of our narratives, and unique outlooks, more difficult to cultivate. We have all been marked by a similar dual experience, the cataclysmic events that turned our child's sense of order on its ear, and then its echoes. We have all grown up in that rarefied atmosphere clouded by nostalgia, regret, and prayers for redemption and revenge. Sadly, some of us have not been willing or able to shed their mantle of pain, but not all. Most of us have been tempered by the jarring and invigorating blast of American optimism, even-tempered rationality, and been infused by the democratic spirit that has enabled this nation to generously incorporate ideas, and people like us, and then recreate itself, grow – move on. It is my hope that the Pedro P's can respectfully acknowledge our fundamental and organic differences from previous generations and mind-sets and then move on. One last point, in justifying the removal of my image one of the comments asserted that the Holocaust museum would never display an image of Hitler. I have visited that incredibly heart wrenching Museum and found many images of Hitler there. You can be assured that he has not been forgiven, but shrunken to the size of a mouse, propped and bottled in black and white, so that we can have an image to accompany the concept of evil. As a child helpful adults told me, that the imagined would always loom larger and more frightening than the fact. Be well.

Message by Enrique Flores Galbis | Sep 23rd 2010

Yolanda says: A prayer: May we Pedro Pan kids rejoice in one another's triumphs, be patient with our flaws and mistakes and keep growing together as a family.

Status update | Aug 29th 2010

Yolanda, estaba mirando hoy 8/29 las fotos que puse y si eres tu la que estas en la foto, tambien me acuerdo de esa caminata que dimos con las monjas, como pasa el tiempo ya llebamos 48 anos en este gran pais. Tu sabes algo de Norma Calleja y de Zoila Clark me gustaria saber de ellas. Un abrazo Tete

Message by Maria T Extremera Hernandez de Armas | Aug 29th 2010

Yolanda, claro que me recuerdo de ti lo que le decia a Carmen V, que los apellidos si que no los recuerdo pero tu carita enseguida la conosi, creo que tu estuviste en unos de los desayunos cuando estuvo Lydia Merida, creo que eras tu verdad? pero no estaba segura aunque miraba la foto y decia esta muchacha yo la conosco. Un abraso fuerte y espero verte en los 50 PP . Tete.

Message by Maria T Extremera Hernandez de Armas | Aug 25th 2010

i Yoly hermanita querida, yo me acuerdo mucho de ti, pues se lo que pasastes con tu mami, ahora estoy yo luchando con ellos y como le dije a Fernan, ahora nos toca a nosotros los hijos luchar por ellos, pero es bastante duro verlos como se van acabando dia a dia y solo hace un ano estaban bastante bien. Gracias por escribirme y darme tu informacion, bueno hermanita esperando con favor de Dios vernos en Nov. si Dios lo permite. Besos y abrazo de tu hermanita PP, Sil

Message by Silvia Budejen Trujillo | Aug 25th 2010

hi yolanda se que has estado prequntando por niurka ruiz,yo me pase el fin de semana con ella dejame saber tu e-mail para darte su cell# my e-mail is terepando714@yahoo.com tu hermana pp tere pando

Message by Carmen T Ridoutt (Tere Pando) | Aug 24th 2010

Yolanda, hacia dias que no entraba, que sorpresa nos diste el dia del desayuno, nos pusimos muy contento en verte. Gracias por las felecitaciones, tambien te mando un abrazo atraves de esta pagina, no sabia que tu cumpleaños era al otro dia del mio. Ojala nos podemos ver con mas frecuencia. Saludos a Tony

Message by Frank ( Paco ) Echeverria | Jul 22nd 2010

Yoli, el ñiño malcriado y ñoño de Matecumbe hace rato tiene problemas con la Ñ...es parecido al de Chicago...no se si es un problema con ñame, con ñoño, con ñiño o solo es con ño.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jul 20th 2010

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