Teresita E Garcia Duarte

General Information
Current Name
Teresita E Reuter
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Teresita E Garcia Duarte
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, May 5, 1962
Relocated To
1430 SW 93 Ct, Miami
Stayed With
Oswaldo and Estela Laborde - friends of the family

Teresita E's Story

This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Felicidades Terry Teresiana, La pasamos super en el almuerzo y la cena. Un beso, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Oct 15th 2009

Hi Tere, thanks for the complement even though I did notice that you used a past tense verb in your sentence. Get motivated and post some pictures and write your story. Say hello to Ralph for me. Will be seen you. Guillermo

Message by Guillermo R Paz Vazquez | Sep 28th 2009

Terry, are you coming down this coming weekend, or the next one? El almuerzo de las AAA Teresianas es el 11 de Octubre. Let me know if you are coming a week ahead. That would be awesome. Love from la unica infeliz a quien no le escribiste, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Sep 26th 2009

Amiguita Teresiana de Santa Clara, por donde andas. Esto es mas divertido que Facebook. Sueltalo y ven para aca. O es que te perdimos a los blogs? Un beso, Carmen

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Sep 3rd 2009

Hey I would have never figure this to be you. You do not look anything like the Terry I know.

Message by Isela Monteagudo | Sep 3rd 2009

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