Mercedes Fernández Llebrez

General Information
Current Name
Mercedes Ordetx
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Mercedes Fernández Llebrez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, June 9, 1961
Relocated To

Mercedes's Story

I arrived on a rainy Friday, June 9th,1961, with my brother Arturo. George picked us up and took us to Kendall. I stayed in Kendall until August 1961, then I went to Holy Family Academy in Beavervill...

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Mercy, I am sorry I could not get back to you when you called me a couple of years ago. I was going through a bad time in my life. Please get in touch with me. You are always in my heart and thoughts.

Message by gloria m. piedra | May 15th 2014

Don't know if you will remember me... Colegio Apostolado, Cardenas... Esther Lachiondo Cejas Kontos Hope you read my message

Message by Esther Kontos | Nov 4th 2013

Mercedes: Melvin me hablo hoy para que me comunicara contigo para una informacion de los Pedro Pans. Cuando veas mi mensaje podras tener mi email. Por favor, escribeme para contarte. Saludos

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jan 20th 2010

Dear Cousin, thanks for your kind words. I stay on e-mail touch with your "radical" brother Artie (LOL). God bless you and have a happy and healthy New Year. Jorge G. Finlay

Message by Jorge G. Finlay | Dec 31st 2009

Oye mira y aqui me encuentro contigo,,,,,ahora mayito estaba hablando de Ampi y el esposo cuando tengas tiempo llamame para ver que le paso y la comida de los viejos dejame saber tu sabes yo no habro e mails Caruca

Message by Caridad Cesari Quevedo | Aug 15th 2009

Hola Merci: Me alegra saber de ti, como esta tu hermano Arturito? Muchos carinos para todos. Zaidita

Message by Zaida Travieso Gonzalez | Aug 15th 2009

Mercy, buscando el nombre de una amiga mia vi que dos viejas amigas mias se estaban preparando para juntarse en una comida de viejos.Entonces pasan a hacer dos viejas viejas amigas mia que se encuentran en una comida geriatrica. Yo soy del "Pepsi Generation" y no pertenezco al grupo de ustedes.El que anda con viejos con Medicare se levanta. Las quiere. Melvin

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | Aug 14th 2009

Carinos para ti y tu esposo. Estelita

Message by Estela Prieto Guzman | Jul 21st 2009

Mercy god and the virgin blessed you with 5 wonderfull boys and un marido canoso que se antoja de todo.los queremos Emmita y Melvin.

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | Jun 30th 2009 took many years for you to reunite with your parents... One of the Pedro Pans in our Chicago group did not reunite with his parents for many years too...he had come at the age of 8 ...when the parents finally arrived he had bonded with his step parents and did not want to go with his parents....He stayed with the foster parents who agreed to keep him and visited the real parents.

Message by Emma A. Botet Zuloaga | Jun 28th 2009

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