Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga

General Information
Current Name
Emma A. Botet Zuloaga
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Relocated To
CWB - Florida City
Stayed With
FloridaCity/Chicago/IL/New Orleans,La

Emma Aracely (Emy)'s Story

My brother and I were supposed to leave Cuba together;however, we were separated and in August 1961 he left alone, at 9 years of age.

I was finally able to leave on Dec 7, 1961. I looked forward to b...

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Emy, thank you for sharing with us your family's tragedy. I'm sure that recalling it nearly fifty years later is still as painful as the day when it happened. I just can´t imagine anything more traumatic for a child to go through than the experience you faced at such an early age! I would like to point out that contrary to the narrative offered by some "Operation Pedro Pan experts" today, -with their ludicrous and baseless claims that the CIA fabricated the Patria Potestad rumor to turn the middle class against the Castro government and steal Cuba's children-, there were indeed a great many Pedro Pan families torn apart and even nearly decimated by the "glorious revolution," which, as some might recall, promised to be as green as the royal palms and turned out to be more like a watermelon: green outside and red inside. Your family's story, of course, is a prime example of the fate met by numerous Pedro families at the ruthless hands of the regime in dealing with anyone who opposed the path chosen by the "shadow government" that was running the country behind the facade of a reform-minded Council of Ministers in the early years of the revolution. Hopefully, not many former Pedro Pan children will be fooled by such preposterous and ill-intended allegations, which are in fact short on facts and long on ideology. Rather, they will take notice of testimonies like yours to draw their own conclusions. Thank you once again. José Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Dec 11th 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) says: Thanks Carmencita...I'm glad I had the fortitude to tell my story now. On reaching our 50 Anniversary as Pedro Pans is a good time to share.

Status update | Dec 11th 2010

Emy, thank you for sharing a story that must be so difficult for you to remember. I encourage all the pedropans that come to this website to read it as it portrays a first hand account of the terror we lived in Cuba during those years. Receive all my love.....

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Dec 11th 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) has updated their profile.

Status update | Dec 11th 2010

Hola Emmy, Leyendo tu porfile en este web site ,veo que probablemente estuvimos en Florida City al mismo tiempo. Tu vinistes el 7 de Diciembre del 61 y yo vine el 15 de Diciembre del 61. Y las dos estuvimos en el Merici! Que bueno verte en el aniversario !

Message by Seida R Tamargo Gutierrez | Dec 5th 2010

Emy, you are so sweet, thank you on both counts. It is funny that I was telling Guillermo that you seemed very happy, that I thought that your new home agrees with you because you looked faaaaaaaabulous. We are both laughing here as we read your message.

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Dec 5th 2010

Thanks Emy, I am so glad that you came to the 50th event. It was great seeing you again.

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Dec 5th 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) says: I want to congratulate the Pedro Pan Board for the magnificent 50 Year Gala event. I'm so glad I made the trip from Georgia!

Status update | Dec 4th 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) has updated their profile.

Status update | Oct 17th 2010

Emy, how are you doing? We miss you....no te pierdas....y visitanos aunque sea en el website. Un fuerte abrazo

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Sep 4th 2010

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