Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga

General Information
Current Name
Emma A. Botet Zuloaga
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Relocated To
CWB - Florida City
Stayed With
FloridaCity/Chicago/IL/New Orleans,La

Emma Aracely (Emy)'s Story

My brother and I were supposed to leave Cuba together;however, we were separated and in August 1961 he left alone, at 9 years of age.

I was finally able to leave on Dec 7, 1961. I looked forward to b...

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Odette...como te he buscado....transmision de pensamiento...yo voy bastante a New Orleans pues tengo infinidad de amistades y mi hija nacio alli, como sabes. Te conteste a tu e mail y te acepte como "friend" en Facebook. Un abrazo, mi amiga del alma, que tu eres de las "buenas"!

Message by Emy Botet | Mar 21st 2011

Hola Emy: soy Odette fuimos amigas cuando ambas fuimos a Warren easton en New Orleans/

Message by Odette miguelez | Mar 20th 2011

emy me llamo wilfredo y estuve en florida city y en opa-locka 1962-1964 comparto tus sentimientos pues vivi 5 años de separacion de mis padres.

Message by Wilfredo Mederos Otero | Mar 8th 2011

I noticed that you lived in New Orleans at one time. A friend of mine told me that in 1963-64 a large number of Cuban children enrolled in the school she attended in New Orleans, the Live Oak School. Could they have been Pedro Pan children? If so, were you one of them?

Message by Tom Suydam | Feb 20th 2011

Agradeciendo la solidaridad de mis amigos Pedro Pan del Pueblo de Santa Fe y de otros residentes de la Playa, en apoyar a nuestra familia a mantener limpia la memoria de nuestro padre. Que Dios siempre los Bendiga.

Message by Emy Botet | Feb 4th 2011

That is just what we need Emy, to have our groups get together wherever there are several Pedro Pan. When you guys get together, send me pictures so that we can put them in OPPG's Facebook page and we can also announce your events. We need to reach out to all Pedro Pan, not just to those in Miami.

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Jan 1st 2011

A very Happy New Year to you, too, Emy!

Message by Carmen Valdivia | Dec 31st 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) says: Happy New Year to all my Pedro Pan brothers and sisters! May 2011 be full of Blessings to you and your families.

Status update | Dec 31st 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) has updated their profile.

Status update | Dec 31st 2010

Emma Aracely (Emy) says: Thank you Jose Antonio.

Status update | Dec 12th 2010

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