Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga

General Information
Current Name
Emma A. Botet Zuloaga
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Relocated To
CWB - Florida City
Stayed With
FloridaCity/Chicago/IL/New Orleans,La

Emma Aracely (Emy)'s Story

My brother and I were supposed to leave Cuba together;however, we were separated and in August 1961 he left alone, at 9 years of age.

I was finally able to leave on Dec 7, 1961. I looked forward to b...

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Testing 1, 2, 3...ha ha ha! :)

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Dec 20th 2011

Something is wrong, because in the past, whenever someone left a message on my Pedro Pan website I would be notified through my e mail and I responded right away. I guess the system has been altered and one has to "look" everyday to see any pending messages.

Message by Emy Botet | Dec 16th 2011

Emy, My name is Mirta Van Gorden and I arrived in Miami April 30. 1962 and lived the Perez-Plana family until I was sent to Chicago to live in a foster home. I use to live in Atlanta until my husband and I retired to Arkansas. I have never been to any of the reunions. My daughter lives in Atlanta and I visit often- Will not be able to attend this Sept reunion - when will you have another?. thanks, Mirta

Message by Mirta Zoe Van Gorden Gil Miranda | Nov 24th 2011

Hola Emy, no he podido encontrar a ningun Pedro Pan en Louiville, Ky, ada arevalo

Message by ada arevalo | Oct 13th 2011

Emma Aracely (Emy) has updated their profile.

Status update | Sep 17th 2011

Emma Aracely (Emy) has updated their profile.

Status update | Sep 13th 2011

Pedro Pan Atlanta, Ga Reunion and Lunch to be held at Mojito's Cuban American Bistro in Norcross, Ga - Sept 11 at 1 pm.

Message by Emy Botet | Sep 2nd 2011

Emy - loved your story. I too was in Kendall (October 1961) and in Florida City until February 1962. Where did you live in Cuba? We are from Matanzas and we had a doctor named Dr. Botet - could he have been your uncle?

Message by Lucy Alonso Rivero | Sep 2nd 2011

Emy, como se llama la nina? Debes de venir a Louisville para visitar. Sabes si hay Pedro Panes en esta ciudad? me encantaria conocerlos. Quien sabe, esta es una ciudad de una gran variedad latina. Tratemos de hablar hoy, muchos carios mi hermanita, ada

Message by ada arevalo | Aug 19th 2011

Emy, soy ada de nuevo. No yo fui a Chicago en Diciembre del 61, Isabelita, no fui en Febrero. Yo pase las Navidades en Chicago. No me puedo comunicar con Isabel, Isa, llamame, ada

Message by ada arevalo | Aug 17th 2011

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