Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga

General Information
Current Name
Emma A. Botet Zuloaga
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Emma Aracely (Emy) Botet Zuloaga
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Relocated To
CWB - Florida City
Stayed With
FloridaCity/Chicago/IL/New Orleans,La

Emma Aracely (Emy)'s Story

My brother and I were supposed to leave Cuba together;however, we were separated and in August 1961 he left alone, at 9 years of age.

I was finally able to leave on Dec 7, 1961. I looked forward to b...

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I would like to share another chapter of the Pedro Pan experience with my Pedro Pan brothers and sisters. My foster brothers and sisters from Winnetka, Ill are meeting with me. Today I had lunch with the oldest who now lives in Ga, and her family. They now realize what we were going through when we moved into their homes and they're amazed as to what being political exile children meant then for us. We are agreeing to a continuity as "relatives" and my foster brothers and sisters will attend my Pedro Pan reunions in Ga and discuss their vision of when we lived in their homes. I encourage others to find their foster families and merge them into the Pedro Pan groups throughout the country. They're joyful & eager to participate, now that they understand better as adults, what we lived through as children in their homes. They'll tell us their end of their story. They are also part of the Pedro Pan experience.

Message by Emy Botet | May 26th 2012

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Status update | May 17th 2012

My e mail address has changed to ebotet@gmail.com. I have asked the Administrator to edit in this website. Thank you.

Message by Emy Botet | May 17th 2012

Kathie Brennan Lewis. What a surprise my little sister from Winnetka, Ill! With your long blonde hair! Such sweet memories I have from your lovely family. My brother Alfred (Fredy in those days) and I have happy memories of our lives in Illinois, we share with our families. They know all of you! I will also e mail you and definitely we will get together. Love always. Your Pedro Pan cuban-american sister, Emy

Message by Emy Botet | May 15th 2012

Mary Beth Brennan Dove, I will e mail you, and answer you and Facebook and I'll invite you to our next Mojito's Pedro Pan Reunion in Atlanta as well, since you are part of our story. Can't wait to see you! Love always, Emy

Message by Emy Botet | May 14th 2012

Emmy I am the little sister, we all loved the years you and your brother were in our lives. It's been a long time I live in deer park,il and am married My girls are grown and in their 30's

Message by Kathleen Brennan Lewis | May 3rd 2012

Emy, I am your foster sister from Winnetka - Mary Beth Brennan Dove. SO glad to find you since we haven't connected in several years. Looks like you're in Georgia and we live in Atlanta. Would so love to see you, talk with you or email. Got your public email and will send you a Facebook invite. Mary Beth

Message by Mary Beth Brennan Dove | May 3rd 2012

We shall have our Quarterly Luncheon in March at Mojito's Cuban Bistro, in Norcross, Ga. Further details will be posted. I can be contacted through my e mail: ebotet@yahoo.com and through Facebook. Traveling Pedro Pan and locals that would like to join us are welcome!

Message by Emy Botet | Jan 1st 2012

I didn't get a notification either, Emy. Happy and healthy New Year to you!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Dec 28th 2011

Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth.

Message by Emy Botet | Dec 25th 2011

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