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Hola Heriberto! Tenemos muchas ganas de oir de ti . Como te va? Lamanos por favor. Un abrazo , Lucas y Maribel

Message by Maribel Barbosa | Feb 18th 2013

Heriberto - todo bien tobillos and otherwise. Estoy viviendo en Key Biscayne desde el 2006 - donde estas tu? Un abrazo - espero tengamos la oportunidad de vernos pronto. Un abrazo - Manolo

Message by Manuel J Palomo | Mar 17th 2011

Hello Heriberto, It's nice to hear from you unfortunately it'd been a very long time and i can't place you,maybe you could post a picture as that may help my old memory.where are living? i am in florida

Message by Raul Villar Artimez | Jan 31st 2011

Gracias por tu nota, Heriberto. If you click on my name you'll get my email address, but you have to be logged on first. ¡Gracias! Eloísa

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Jun 29th 2010


Message by CARIDAD SOLTURA | Oct 6th 2009

Thank you brother. Jorge

Message by Heriberto Sedeno Suarez | May 22nd 2009

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