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This person has not yet filled out their story about their flight as a part of Operation Pedro Pan.

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Mi querido ahijado, espero recuerdes a tu familia de Venezuela. Estamos ansioso por tener noticias tuyas. Te dejo mi correo esperando que podamos retomar el contacto. Te queremos

Message by Eva | Dec 31st 2012

Rafael, I'm Maria, you may not remembered me but my sister and I stayed with Vivian. I certainly remembered you and the rest of the Cuban kids at the homes. Glad that you have survived our "harsh" environment; don't get me wrong- I would not trade one day of it! Our experiences has made us all strong, and proud Cuban-Americans. Years ago, I read your story in "The Times Picayune" saw your pictures and read about your visit with your mother in Cuba. I cried for days. We all have similar stories. I have been to Cuba 2x because I felt important to reunite with family. Last trip was in 2001, the summer before 9/11. I'm connected with my family in Cuba but refuse to provide "$" to that government, so I have not returned. I too, hope one day to go back home to spend the rest of my life there in peace. Good to know you're doing well. Maria Cuevas

Message by Maria de los A Cuevas-Anthaume Balmori | Jul 3rd 2010

Thanks for given me the info that i did not know before. From Florida I was sent to a boys home in New Orleans La. There was also eight other cuban that was send to this boys home. We all stuck together do to that there was nothing butamerican boys and did understand us and our culture. The Nuns there was mean to all the cuban boys. We had various duties. We try to let our social worker that we did not want to stay in that home but he refuse to send us to another home. For the first month we all ate conflake. Do to that I did not speak tje english language i send back a grade. In 1965 i place in a foster home. In 1968 the man that was a good man died. from that time I became a man while school and work in the resturant business. I when to see my mother in 1999 but it was to late she was on the last day of her life. Well now I am 58 and try to know all of the cuban that still living from the Peter pan kid. I would love to back home where I was born when all of this politic and spend the rest of my life in peace.

Message by Rafael Perales Flores | Jun 14th 2010

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