Aurora de la C Martinez Juan

General Information
Current Name
Aurora de la Rosa Martinez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Aurora de la C Martinez Juan
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Friday, May 4, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City
Haiti Pedro Pan
Aurora de la C has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

Aurora de la C's Story

I am best known for my nickname Katia or Kathy. My sister Antonia and I arrived on May 4th, 1962 and were taken to Florida City. There we stayed at the house of Arturo Sivilla. During the weekends we ...

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Maria Elena and Arturo Sivilla were my grandparents. My name is Gregory Arturo Casajuana Sivilla. My mother Lourdes was 2 and I see above my aunt (godmother) Elena has written you. My uncle Arturo was sent to New York and so was my aunt Gloria. Because of my aunts age and my uncle being a boy they were sent away. You are not the first person I have heard from that stayed with them. My family loived next door to my grandparwents until I was two then moved to Georgia. There I met two sisters that went through there house. They both thanked me for my grandparents, telling me not everyone was so lucky to have such great people take care of them. Later I took a job in Miami where I worked with woman named Olga that went through the house and knew my grandparents until they died. Their funeral was one of the largest I have ever seen. Priests came from all over the United States to pay respects and participate in the funeral. Many of which they visited when my great uncle was in seminary before they left Cuba. My uncle later became Bishop of Havana. Hearing your story reminds me of where I come from and the great people that came before me. My grandparents died when I was only six but even now at the age of 22 they are still my heroes and I can still see there faces and remember how humble the two of them were. Thank you

Message by Gregory Arturo Casajuana Sivilla | Dec 20th 2010

Katia, I don't remember you but I am Arturo Sivilla's and Maria Elena Sivilla's daughter. I lived at the Cuban camp also but I was very young (8 years old). My parents passed away in 1994 together, due to a car accident on Flagler St. in Miami. I am glad you remember their names.

Message by Elena Sivilla | Jun 24th 2010

My twin sister Julie and I came from Cuba on the same date as you! We ended up with Mamioli and Papioli Mora in Florida City. Since we were already 16 it was tough to place us. We stayed in the camp for many months. Finally a foster home was found for us in Chicago and I have been here since. I became a physician and still practice downtown Chicago. I have not kept in touch with anyone so don't have friends from Pedro Pan. Do you remember meeting me and my sister. I will post a picture I have of the girls in my house at Florida City once I figure out how!! Rose

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Mar 28th 2010

Aurora de la C has signed up to volunteer for the Haiti Pedro Pan group.

Status update | Jan 20th 2010

Kathy, que contentos nos pusimos Emmita y yo al ver las fotos de ustedes dos. Estuve hablando con Roger en la reunion de Noviembre y casi no lo reconozco. Que le estas dando porque parece mas joven! Yo creo que ustedes han descubierto la fuente de la juventud y se lo tienen callado. Que linda familia tienes! Nos veremos pronto. Carinos Emmita y Melvin

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | Jan 20th 2010

Katya no te conocia con ese nombre. Como estan, Tengo una foto de cuando estabamos en las Dominicas si me mandas tu email te mando la foto. Saludame a Rogelio. Saludos, Paquito

Message by Frank ( Paco ) Echeverria | Jan 19th 2010

Katia, welcome to our website....That's some love story between you and your hubby, Rogelio! I hope you'll find a pleasurable experience connection with other Pedro Pan brothers and sisters. Once again, welcome.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jan 19th 2010

Aurora de la C has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Jan 19th 2010

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