Message from Pedro Pan Eloísa Echazábal. Below the link to the Miami Dade College announcement dated July 8th regarding the upcoming Freedom Tower exhibit about the Cuban exile experience. This exhibit will be launched in mid-September. The first exile focus will be on the Pedro Pan exodus. Most of us who reunited with our parents in Miami remember visiting the Freedom Tower for the services the U.S. government made available to the newly arriving Cuban exiles. The Pedro Pan exhibit will last about two years. Miami Dade College and The Miami Herald Media Company invited me to collaborate with them when the plans were first developed about two years ago, and I was ecstatic with the opportunity. Also collaborating with their memorabilia and photos are Operation Pedro Pan Group Inc.organization, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection and Florida International University Libraries. As soon as the next official announcement comes out, I will forward. In the meantime, I would like to let you know that a "collecting day" is being planned for Saturday, July 26th, from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Freedom Tower. This is the day when Pedro Pans will have the opportunity to bring memorabilia regarding our Pedro Pan days to be loaned to the exhibit. Required receipts and documentation will be available there. Courtesy parking on the open lot across the street south of the Tower. Entrance on N.E. 5th street. Just let the attendant know you are coming to the Tower to bring your items. This is a great opportunity to showcase our experience. Again, as additional announcements are released, I'll forward.

Raul Andres Martinez Tome

General Information
Current Name
Raul Martinez Tome
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Raul Andres Martinez Tome
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Monday, March 26, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Matecumbe

Raul Andres's Story

I grew up in Camaguey, Cuba, and spent most of our summers in Tarara, an ocean front community outside of Havana. I toured most schools as a child in Camaguey... Kinder at the Salesianas, where I fel...

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Status update | Feb 20th 2013

Raul Andres has updated their profile.

Status update | Feb 20th 2013

Hola Raul,Los recuerdo desde con amor desde que todos viviamos en Cuba hasta ahora,estoy disfrutando de vacaciones maravillosas en Miami, me he comunicado con Silvia, mi telefono para ti y para Tete Garces.Muy contenta de saber tambien de ella.786-474-7419. Un abrazo.

Message by Maria Eugenia Rizo | Feb 20th 2013

Aqui esperando que Maria Eugenia Rizo vea esta pagina y me mande una email-soy Tete Garces de Marcilla y me acuerdo muchisimo de ti y cuando jugabamos de ninas con my hermana Tita y con Silvia .

Message by Tete Garces | Jan 26th 2013

Raul-- I did not know that Dora had died--Tita and I often think about all of you but we have lost touch. Please call me I still have the same phone number. Tete

Message by Tete Garces de McCarthy | Jan 26th 2013

Raul Andres says: Hey, I found my parents old telephone listing in Camaguey under Feliciano Martinez Torre, Calle Republica # 78 y telephone 4764.

Status update | Feb 28th 2012

Hola Raul: Soy la amiga de la infancia de tu hermana Silvia, ella trato de buscarme en Camaguey, pero vivo en Moron, Ciego de Avila, estoy tan contenta de hallarlos, como estan todos? Quiero comunicarme con Silvia, tenemos tantas cosas lindas que recordar y muchas mas que contarnos en tanto tiempo ya vivido. Un abrazo para todos.Maria Eugenia

Message by Maria EugeniaRizo | Jan 11th 2012

Hola Raul, Hace unos días ví por primera vez la noticia de la amiga de Marita, Alejandra. Lo siento mucho pues es muy difícil entenderlo despues de tantos años. Así yo me sentí cuando me enteré por Dorita de la muerte de Silvia Begirinstein años despues. Ella me sacaba de vez en cuando del campamento, recuerdas? Y me hubiera gustado saber de su muerte al momento y no años despues. Te voy a escribir a tu email tambien. Besos, Silvia

Message by Silvia M Martinez Tome | Jul 19th 2011

Hola, Raul: Yo también estuve en los Maristas, en las Escuelas Pías y en Matecumbe (8/61-3/62). Tengo un website desde el 1999 para todos los Pedropans llamado para que lo explores. !Felicidades en tu retiro!

Message by Manuel A. Gutierrez | Mar 24th 2011

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