Jose L Oroza Ruilopez

General Information
Current Name
Joseph L Oroza Ruilopez
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Jose L Oroza Ruilopez
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Saturday, March 24, 1962
Relocated To
CWB Florida City

Jose L's Story

My story is not much different than most of the other stories of children that left Cuba under the same circumstances as I did. It still upsets me after these many years to remember and tell my story....

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Jose!!!! Tantas veces que compartimos en bailes y actividades escolares. Me alegro que hayas tenido una vida exitosa. Mi hija menor hizo estudios en arquitectura.

Message by Ana M. del Llano | Feb 12th 2010

Muchacho, José Luis! te habías desaparecido. !qué bueno que Rita no se haya dado por vencida hasta encontrarte! tiene en los genes algo de Sherlock Holmes y parece estar conectada con la Interpol y Scotland Yard a juzgar con la cantidad de compañeros que ha ido encontrando. ?crees que puedas poner en tu agenda nuestra reunión de los 40 en Julio 2-4?

Message by Ada Moledo | Feb 11th 2010

Jose Oroza... Wow! Increible. Tantos car pools que hicimos a la academia! Me alegro que estes bien. El mundo es chiquito, te acuerdas el viaje que diste a Europa con la UPR? Te acuerdas de Miriam Zapata y Sandra Lopez? Miriam y yo nos casamos en Junio 1974 y acabamos de celebrar nuestro 35 aniversario! Buscame en Facebook para que veas montones de fotos! Coky. (

Message by Ralph Quinones | Feb 11th 2010

Dear José: First let me welcome you to the website and thank you for sharing your touching story. Yes, your account of the parting from your family reflects what we all felt while going through that too. I still cry from the deepest part of my soul every time I read about how each of us went through it. Your experiences once you were here were heart-breaking too. I remember well how terrified I was of being sent to an orphanage when my brother and I got here, but we were lucky to end up at the home of a nice family. It is too sad that some of us had to go through experiences like yours, although it is also true that not all orphanages were as bad as that. --I congratulate you for your accomplishments and feel as proud of you as I do of my brother. All Pedro Pan kids became special brothers and sisters after going through the shared experience of that abrupt separation from our families and our country. My best regards to your life partner and a big hug to you. Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Feb 11th 2010

Dios mio!!!! Te tienen que sonar los oidos tantos. Que bueno saber de ti, Jose. Sabes que te mencionamos tanto cuando nos reunimos.. Wanda y yo hablamos de ti.. please conectate con nosotros. Estamos en Facebook bajo Academia del Sagrado Corazon Clase1970 we will light the world. He posteado fotos, y puse la tuya de graduando.. nos veras ahora de personas maduras :-) tambien tenemos un email, Que alegria saber de ti!!!!! Muchos carinos, Rita

Message by Rita Rodriguez- Pardinas | Feb 11th 2010

Where did you go to highschool? rita y rodriguez

Message by Rita Rodriguez- Pardinas | Feb 11th 2010

Wow! What an amazing experience! I cannot believe how horrible it must have been to be shipped off all by yourself as a young boy, but after enduring such a tramatic time, you were reunited with your parents and luckily went on to lead what is now a very successful, meaningful life. You are an inspiration. May the children of Haita get out of the horrific circumstances that have been thrust upon them and have an opportunity to turn into the kind of man that you did.

Message by Amy F. Hendel | Jan 20th 2010

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Status update | Jan 20th 2010

Jose: Welcome to our website. I hope that you'll find new friendships/connections with other Pedro Pan brothers and sisters. Many of us didn't know each other before this website began last year and now we are close and share many of our sadness and joys with each other. The Pedro Pan experience is a common bond we share and we understand each other Once again, welcome!!!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jan 19th 2010

Jose L has updated their profile.

Status update | Jan 19th 2010

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