Gladys Perez Fleites

General Information
Current Name
Gladys Perez Fleites
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Gladys Perez Fleites
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Thursday, March 23, 1961
Relocated To
1167 NW 31 St, Miami
Stayed With
Gaspar Ponce, friend

Gladys's Story

I was 6 years old when I arrived in Miami, to stay with friends of my mother,I remember being very confused as to why I was traveling alone, but my mom assured me it was only for a few days, at this t...

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Gladys my mother was Norma the only daughter of Eloina Estela Ramos the daughter of Concepcion...our parents were first cousins,email me

Message by Raphael Vega | Feb 3rd 2014

Wow, yo pensé que yo era el unico.

Message by Emi | Oct 3rd 2012

Gladys My great grandmother was Concepcion Perez Fleites from Camaguey , Cuba. I was born in 1965 here in the US but my parents entered in 1957. Because of our age and family surnames,I think we must be related somehow.Please contact me on yahoo mail at

Message by Raphael Vega | Jun 22nd 2012

Dear Gladys: One more sad story to add to many but also one more joyous one as you reunited and reconciled with your mother. I hope you'll find on this site that your PP brothers and sisters welcome you into our 'special' and 'unique' family with open hearts.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Aug 27th 2009

08/22/09 Querida Gladys: Acabo de leer tu historia y me ha roto el corazón....eras tan pequeña..cómo entender????????.....en mi casa tuvimos una niñita que se llamaba Lucia Morejón ella vino con 5 0 6........esa pequeña ha sido y serà mi GRAN PREOCUPACION TODA MI acabo de enterar que la madre la dió en adopción (desde Cuba).....así que solo Dios me podrà bendecir con encontrar a esta hermanita tan pequeña..te debo contar algo..yo vine con 17 años y sabía perfectamente la razón.....saludos para tu mami, disfrútala...........yo no me imagino separarme de mi hija........nuestros padres hicieron el sacrificio tan INMENSO............DE SEPARARSE DE SUS HIJOS............(Un gran acto de amor infinito)... Estoy segura que poquito a poco podràs entender este engranaje tan TREMENDO. Que Dios te Bendiga y recibe un fuerte abrazo de esta hermana "VIEJITA", Otmara

Message by Otmara Capote | Aug 22nd 2009

Hi Gladys sending you a hug and wishes for a wounderful day. I am still searching for some friends from Marquette and having a difficult time since I'm sort of new to this site and haven't yet mastered it. Hoping to be a Jedi soon. Abrasons: Robert

Message by Robert Victor Soler | Aug 18th 2009

Hello Gladys. I read your story and felt your pain, believe it or not, all Pedro Pan kids (now grown) have a special bond that we may have not been able to articulate at an early age, but now as adults we can express the pain that we have endured and what had lain dormant is awakening again...I believe there is a purpose for all that happens to us in this world, and one thing I've always been sure of is the ever precense of God, He won't let us down and we have to just believe. I'm sending you a hug and hope you are happy today and look for more happiness in the future. Best regards: Robert

Message by Robert Victor Soler | Aug 17th 2009

Gladys, your story was so sad but at least it had a happy ending and you were reunited with your mother. It must have been so difficult for you at such an early age.....and I can't even imagine the desperation you mother must have felt, not knowing where to find you and not being able to help you. You are a true survivor and sharing your story with us is part of the healing process. Wellcome to the website, you are not alone now, you have found your pedropan sisters and, Carmen

Message by Carmencita Romanach | Aug 8th 2009

Gladys: Yes, many of us read the stories as people write them. I think that each story puts back in place another piece of the puzzle that when we were children became scattered all over the US. I am deeply moved by what happened to you, and glad that you came out of your experience strong and looking ahead. But I am most grateful that you and your mother found each other and forged a new life together. Welcome to the website where we are finding out more and more about how we fared after our wrenching exile from country and family, and where we open our hearts and arms out to hug, understand, comfort and congratulate one another. I hope this becomes another happy reunion for you. Your Pedro Pan sister, Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Aug 7th 2009

Dear Gladys, I was so saddened by your story that I was compelled to write to you. I hope you find a comfort zone among your Pedro Pan brothers and sisters in the Network. Perhaps some of us might even wish to reach out to you with the kind of shared understanding that only those who have gone through a similar experience can offer. I'm very glad you have been able to reconcile with your dear mother, who evidently was acting with the best of intentions, and must have also suffered a great deal also. God bless you both! Affectionatelly, José Antonio Amaro Reyes.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Aug 7th 2009

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