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I am Lissette Alvarez and I arrived to the US September 13th 1961 I was at the Kendall camp for 3 weeks and sent to St. Mary's Home, an orphanage in Dubuque, Iowa. After 10 months in Iowa I was sent to 2 foster homes and finally

returned to the Florida City camp in 1962. There I stayed at the Aguirre family home until my parents, well known Cuban singers Olga Chorens and Tony Alvarez left Cuba in 1963 My family moved to Puerto Rico in 1965 and I lived in San Juan for 14 years where I have had a singing career. Today I live in Miami and am married to Willy Chirino, also a Pedro Pan and we have 6 children.

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Recuerdo que en Cuba una tarde fui a jugar a las munecas contigo. Mi madre me llevo y estuvo hablando con tu mama. A la hora de irnos tu y yo estabamos perdidas. No entendiamos nada y aunque la pasamos bien no volvimos a reunirnos para jugar. Tendriamos como unos 7 anos. No se si tu te acuerdas de algo mas. Yo estuve en Kendall desde Junio 10 al 4 de Julio que me relocalizaron a un orfanato en Denver. Carinos, Chary

Message by Maria C Firmat Lopez | Aug 3rd 2014

Lissette, I want to know if there is a site where Pedro pans can meet others particularly because many of us have lost our mate. Do you know of where we can find other Pedro pans?

Message by Rosita Muro | Nov 15th 2013

Lisset yo soy una gran admiradora suya desde que usted era nina,tengo una duda y quisiera aclararla con una amiga mia: La muchacha que canta en el programa de Happy H ,la rubia que se llama Olguita es su hija. Pues es una apuesta que tenemos unos amigas. gracias

Message by mercedes | Apr 30th 2013

I am so glad to see that you joined this Pedro Pan site. I have reconnected with people that I went to school with in Puerto Rico and it has been a very pleasant experience. Even though I have only been to one of the events, I stay in touch with a few of the other Pedro Pans whom I went to school with. I met you a few times in Puerto Rico, probably around 1966-67 when you were dating Chucho. My cousin Tony Mendez and his wife Cachita, who used to play the guitar, lived across the street from Chucho in Hato Rey and even to this day I keep a polaroid picture of you and I at a party in their backyard. I have always admired you as a singer and a humanitarian. Last time I saw you in person was when you performed at the Fountainebleau about 6 years ago. I was sitting close to your Mom and Blanquita Amaro. Anyway I now live in Miami Beach. Best, Joseph

Message by Joseph Oroza | Apr 9th 2013

Lissette, Me encataria tu permiso en conectar atravez de esta pagina electronica;naci en la linda provincia del mejor tabaco en el mundo, y mi llegada fue el 21 Sept.,1961.

Message by Luis Perez | Mar 23rd 2013

Lissette says: Gran alegría comunicarme con amigos y compañeros de nuestros primeros pasos en nuestro exilio, compartimos sueños y vivencias imborrables. Abrazos

Status update | Mar 20th 2013

Operation PedroPan must have been a real sacrafice for your parents

Message by ???????(: | Mar 18th 2013

Lissette, es un placer ver su foto en estas paginas, creo que la muchacha a quien busca esta por el npmbre de Maria A. Rizo Perez. un servidor y admirador.

Message by jose M.Diaz | Nov 26th 2012

Lissette says: Alguien sabe de Maria Rizo? Estaba en la casa de Silvia Aguirre en Florida City por el 63. No aparece en la lista de Pedro Pan kids.

Status update | Nov 26th 2012

Hello Lissette! How nice to have you among the Pedro Pans in this Network!I remember watching you on TV in Cuba and singing El Ratoncito Miguel with you and your mom. My mom used to copy all your hairdos on me. Memories!!! A ver si embullas a Willy a que se registre también.

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | Nov 22nd 2012

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