Arturo Luis Nieto Diaz

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Arturo Luis Nieto Diaz
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United States of America
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Arturo Luis Nieto Diaz
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Wednesday, September 13, 1961
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I was sent with a group of 39 other boys to Sparks Nevada. The names i remember from that group are: Pepe Berazain, the Nunes brothers{cousins?] Modesto and gustavo who became a politician in Reno....

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Arturo: Si vives en California, conoces de Pedro Pan California? El grupo lo formaron Oscar Pichardo y Berta Freire hace años y tienen dos reuniones anuales para niños Pedro Pan que son magníficas. Felicidades por los nietos y biznieto, a mi me acaban de regalar el primer nieto el día de nuestro aniversario! ?Tienes foto de cuando estabas en Matecumbe? A mi me decían "El Terrorista" pero de eso nada.

Message by Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez de Castro | Jun 4th 2010

Arturo: Tu nombre me suena conocido. Yo estuve en Matecumbe del 29 de Agosto del 61 hasta Noviembre o Diciembre cuando nos movieron a varios a Kendall. Pepe Berazaín me suena también, era el que andaba con José Luis Garraus, "El Loco", creo. Tus comentarios sobre el temor de un niño de 13 a ser atacado por depredadores sexuales es muy real yu a nuestra edad entonces - yo tenía 14 - era un miedo que no te dejaba dormir. Yo comprendo que no todos los homosexuales son abusadores sexuales, pero como ya tienen un horrible problema que va contra la Naturaleza del ser humano, es muy difícil para un niño pensar que son santicos tranquilitos. Debemos rezar mucho por ellos.

Message by Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez de Castro | Nov 27th 2009

Hola, Arturo. In a perfect world, people would not feel like they have to hide under "anonymous" -but I still want to thank "anonymous" because his (or her) comment prompted you to clarify why you mentioned your suspicion about the homosexuality of the brothers in that monastery. The fact that it came up in your short story had already told me it was an important part of your experience, even though you later said it wasn't. I think that the fears of potential dangers are also an important part of the larger story of when as children we found ourselves away from the safety of our own family. Almost in the blink of an eye ee were sent way without much preparation or warning about the dangers lurking in the outside world. Under normal circumstances, those things are taught to children gently and inside the protective care of those who love us. As my children were growing up I wondered many times if I would have the guts to send them away to an unknown fate, even to "save" them from a menace like the one that arose in Cuba. I tend to think that, knowing what I know, I would do all I could to keep the family together. But I do understand why our parents did what they did. In a way, they were unprepared and innocent also. My brother and I we were at the mercy of complete strangers once we left our family. We were lucky that most of our strangers were kind and we did not have any terrible experiences or even had to live in fear of suspected harm. I have heard from others who were not as lucky. I suspect that very few of those who suffered the worst will come forth with their stories. Our cultural taboos are still a part of us, no matter how "americanized" we are. As more stories are told, though, more memories are evoked, and hopefully, a more complete understanding of the lessons we learned will contribute to more wisdom among those who come after us. Felicitaciones por tu numerosa familia y por tu carrera ayudando gente. Sin conocerte en persona, te admiro y celebro el vinculo mutuo de una historia en comun. Muchas gracias por compartir. Yolanda

Message by Yolanda Cardenas Ganong | Jun 19th 2009

All I was trying to say is that homosexuals an "sick child molestors" are not the same an because someone is a homosexual it does dot make him a child molestor. thanks

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 19th 2009

ps to the other anonymous: i know you are a lawyer; your "old dictum' gave you away

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 18th 2009

To the other anonymous: You know something about the law. if so, i dont need to remind you that as a percipient witness lihe myself, the hearsay rule doen not apply. If you were one of us , you would know exactly what it was like in that place. Mind you, i was not as homesick as many of the others,and even then, i could adapt easily, but that place was a hellhole.

Message by Arturo Luis Nieto Diaz | Jun 18th 2009

aprecio su respuesta pero generalizar es malo porque en los campamentos de miami .there were kids molested by priest but in our cuban society those things are not mention.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 18th 2009

Dear anonymous: Now at 61, in retospect,it is not important, or even worth noting. But back in 1961, at 13 yrs old, it was intimidating. It is obvious that you are not one of my companeros in that miserable place. we were afraid of being accosted. Perhaps this fear was misplaced, but it was very real nevertheless. So much so, that the older guys made it a rule that the younger guys should not leave the gymnasium where we slept alone for any reason. Some very loved members of my family are gay. I very strongly believe in the golden rule, in fact, it is the only commandment i follow in life. My comment obviously struck a nerve in you. It was not meant to offend you, or many gay person. I feel like David Letterman apologizing to Sarah Palin. Yours truly, arturo nieto

Message by Arturo Luis Nieto Diaz | Jun 18th 2009

Y si eran homosexuales que son seres humanos

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 18th 2009

Dang it, Arturo Luis, whatever happened to the old dictum that states that suspicion without corroborating evidence or proof is no better than hearsay! (Chuckles)

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jun 18th 2009

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