Eloísa Echazábal Pi

General Information
Current Name
Eloísa Echazábal
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Eloísa Echazábal Pi
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Wednesday, September 6, 1961
Relocated To
Kendall Camp and Buffalo, NY
Haiti Pedro Pan
Eloísa has volunteered to help the children of Haiti. Find out how you can help, too.

Eloísa's Story

My story is unique, as is each one of the over 14,000 Pedro Pan stories. Some are happier; some are sadder. I believe the decision to send my sister and me alone to the United States was made by my pa...

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Elo, que bueno...aunque tu sabes que si Fosforito y yo hubieramos estado ahi, hubiera sido FENOMENAL!!!! :) LOL! Este año tu vas a ver como nos reunimos mas y mas PP. Ay, Señor mio, que familion tengo!!!!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | May 16th 2010

Eloisita, al ver las fotos tuyas de Cuba recuerdo mas cuando tocabas el piano en la clase de piano de la Srta. Ofelia. Estas igualita en las fotos de ahora. Carinos, Noelia

Message by Noelia M Monne y Martinez | May 11th 2010

Eloísa says: Congratulations to Christina Diaz Gonzalez on the successful launching of her novel "The Red Umbrella" in Books & Books in Coral Gables today!

Status update | May 8th 2010

Eloisa, creo que tu idea de poner mas fotos es buenisima.Algunas fotos que han aparecido antes ahora estan quitadas. Quizas fuera bueno si el sistema las dejara fijas, asi los que recien se regisran pudieran verlas aunque lleguen tarde.Gracias por siempre estar pensando por el bienestar de nuestro grupo. Carinos MELVIN

Message by Melvin F Noriega Plasencia | May 3rd 2010

Elo: have you downloaded Skype to your pc? Let me know ....that way we can talk and see each other besides, I want to show you my little "Coco Chanel". She is a sweetie!!!! Of course, I got her a collar with 'diamonds' and she looks royal!!!!! Esto de volver al 'childhood' me esta afectando el cerebro grandemente. It's better to act young than to feel old so let it be!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | May 2nd 2010

Great idea! I'll leave that up to you 'beauties'. I can't post any more of mine until I send them to Willie to 'photoshop' or else, it'll scare the living daylights out of everyone!!!!! Looking forward to Saturday!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | May 2nd 2010

Eloísa says: The date is Sat. May 15th. We look forward to seeing you at the OPPG dinner/drinks/dancing celebration in Doral. 305-554-7196 franke18@bellsouth.net.

Status update | Apr 29th 2010

Eloísa says: Join us for dinner drinks dancing $30 Doral Reception Hall, Doral. OPPG Board Swearing-In. Limited seats. Details 305-554-7196 franke18@bellsouth.net

Status update | Apr 29th 2010

Eloísa has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Apr 24th 2010

Eloísa has uploaded new photos.

Status update | Apr 18th 2010

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