Carlos Gonzalez Pujol

General Information
Current Name
Carlos Manuel Gonzalez Pujol
Current Location
United States of America
Name on Arrival
Carlos Gonzalez Pujol
Age on Arrival
Date of Arrival
Tuesday, November 14, 1961
Relocated To
2321 NW Everett, Portland, Oregon
Stayed With
Tomas & Leonila Utrera, later Nico & Ma Antonia Fernandez

Carlos's Story

Arrived at Matecumbe where my sailing friend from Cubanaleco - Arturo Sordo was the Athletic Director. Everything was alright. Sent to Kendall where I fought with the Triana brothers and their tall g...

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Carlos: Que bueno que aparecistes por aqui. Un abrazo para Irene y para ti.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 21st 2010

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Status update | Jun 20th 2010

Ven aca socio, que es lo tuyo? un resume o alarde, no has cambiado, tratando de vivir de las apariencias. Carlos

Message by Carlos Alonso | Jun 3rd 2010

Carlos: Bienvenido a nuestro network and good to now that you are a Central Florida Pedro Pan. Look forward to meeting you when the CFPPs get together soon.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Dec 30th 2009

Como me acuerdo de los abusos de los Triana, Manolo y Yoyi. !Que bien hiciste! Bienvenido a este foro.

Message by Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez | Dec 30th 2009

Carlos, Bienvenido a estas paginas. Gracias por escribir Carlos's Story. Central Florida esta orgulloso de tenerte. Me alegro haberte conocido antes de que fueras famoso.---JAM

Message by Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon | Dec 27th 2009

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