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My name is Jay J. Miniet, aka Jesus Miniet Matarama in the early 1960s. I am a member of Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded by those unaccompanied children who came to t...

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Jay, my name is John Hughes and we graduated together from Saint Leo Prep in 1964. I just read your incredible story which I regret to say I was totally largely ignorant of. Leo Couttenye forwarded the Miami Herald story. We are planning our 50th reunion and would like to reconnect with you with the hope of catching up on 50 years but also seeing you in November. Hopefully we will receive this and respond. Please send me your contact information. We are in touch with George Tarafa and hope he will attend. All the best. John

Message by John Hughes | May 25th 2014

Jay: I just read part of your letter in the Miami Herald reference the botched-up documentary or should I say, public service advertisement for the self serving son of a guns. Apparently, there's a word limit and all of it did not post. Please try to post the rest of the letter. I'm interested as well as other PPs that I know. Good post.

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jun 15th 2010

Welcome to this Network, Jay! Nice photo.

Message by Eloísa Echazábal | May 20th 2010

Jay, thank you for sharing your story! and wellcome to the PP Network, I hope you find some of your pedropan classmates. Love,

Message by Carmencita Romanach | May 20th 2010

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