Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon

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Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon
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United States of America
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Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon
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Date of Arrival
Monday, July 31, 1961
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Justo Alejandro's Story


-----JULY 9,1946 THRU JANUARY 1,1959------- "HAPPY CUBAN CHILD"

Hijo de un Oficial Militar de Carrera y una Madre que era una SANTA.


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Hola Justo, a me dio mucho gusto verte a ti y a Clemencia. En tus mensajes vi el nombre de alguien a quien conozco, pero no veo hace mucho tiempo, ella es Laydita Mechoso, yo la veia cuando viviamos por la 12 Avenida del SW. Tambien vi otros nombres de ninas que estaban conmigo en Florida City, Carmen Valdivia y su hermana, la cual siento mucho su perdida, lo mismo Dora Li y Lilita, al igual que Carmen Medina y las hermanas Pando, todas estabamos en Casa Suarez. Nos veremos cuando vayas por Orlando o cuando vengan al Matancero Seniors Lunch. Carinos para los dos

Message by Marta E Salazar Gonzalez | Jan 24th 2010

Justo, muchos saludos. Que Dios asi lo quiera.

Message by Marcia Caridad Ramos Gonzalez | Jan 23rd 2010

Hola Justo, what a beautiful family you have! Loved your story too. I will someday write mine. It has been like all other PP full of ups and downs that somehow make us stronger. I saw Laidita's comment. Recently we had a get together in Lakeland. La "pandilla de la playa". It was absolutely fantastic. I do not know anything about Nenita,AnaMaria etc. I think AnaM lives around Tampa. I have to research that. I am sorry. Let you know what I find out. You mention TonyMoreno, his family came to visit us when we came down from Missouri, they were good friends of my aunt and uncle. I think they lived in Orlando.I lived with my aunt and uncle, Carlos and Flor Gonzalez. He was the director of the politecnica past the Tennis Club. I know the people you mentioned, they are all related and Tapia and the Haramboures are related by marriage. Known the H's since we came to Lakeland and the Deans too. (all related to one another. My family also lived in Milanes across from the instituto, I think. So great hearing from a matancero.My sister lives in Oviedo,she was very young when she came in 62, she was 3. My husband if from Tennesse(another foreign country, I tell him) and we have a son that is a LtCmdr in the Navy and getting married in June. God Bless you and your family. Anita (ana rosa)

Message by Ana Manning | Jan 5th 2010

Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon : Esta chiflando el mono in Central Florida. When I left the house this AM in our area, it was 28 degrees ..wind chill 19! Beach weather for Central Florida!!!!!

Message by Susy Rodriguez | Jan 4th 2010

Hi Justo, thank you for welcoming me to this new-discovered treasure! My family indeed is from the Mechoso gang in Matanzas (then) and Miami (today.) My grand-father, Oscar Mechoso, was the founder of Mechoso Store, Inc. Loved your story. Warm regards.

Message by Layda C Baez Mechoso | Nov 16th 2009

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, funny, touching story. I will definetely be writing mine soon. My sister and I live in Orlando, and of course, we are both PP.

Message by Estrella (Rodriguez) Pereira | Nov 10th 2009

Muy bonita tu historia, enhorabuena por una vida tan interesante!

Message by Maria E Pazos Alvarez | Oct 31st 2009


Message by Susy Rodriguez | Oct 28th 2009

Life is a two way street, and is always better to give, than to receive. But I can not believe, what I received, thanks to this web site. A note from an American Classmate, that can be seen in my profile. So, I would like to publicly give my most sincere '"THANK YOU" to Lynn Guarch-Pardo for providing the airport log, that our loved Jorge "George" Guarch kept. Luisa Yanez, the Herald reporter that, carried out the project, and continues to be its Administrator. The Miami Herald, for developing the project with Luisa, providing systems and personnel to carry the idea. And to our own Pedro Pan volunteers, Eloisa Echazabal and Carmen Romanach for assisting the Herald in the research, implementation, and maintenance of the project.. Do not forget our mission------JAM

Message by Justo Alejandro Martinez Monzon | Oct 28th 2009

Justo: I don't know if you remember me, but I sat near you at Woodrow Wilson High School in 1963--I think it was between you and Diane (Athena) Wright. Anyway, I remember you as being a nice and very "with it" guy, and have often wondered what became of you. My wife and I live in St. Michaels, MD and are taking a course called "Great Decisions", sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association. Tonight we were studying some materials on "Cuba After Castro", and my wife asked if I ever went to school with a Cuban refugee. I responded "Sure, Justo Martinez." Then I Googled your name and came up with this website. You've had a real journey through life, and seem to have landed well. I wish you continued success, and if you and your wife ever think of traveling to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, please let us know in advance. We'd like to see you.

Message by Myron Walker | Oct 27th 2009

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